Natural Remedy For Minor Burns

Minor burns are a part of every household kitchen where housewife are usually prone to burns while cooking. Some tips can be handy for treating the conditions where the burns are not considerable and has only afflicted the outer layer of skin.

As soon as the skin gets burnt put the area of burn under the running tap water. After that you can get some cold water for washing the burn followed by the application of ice. The ice should be applied directly onto the burn as wrapping it under a cloth or anything else can cause a friction in that area which can aggravate the pain.

The second cure calls for taking fluoride toothpaste and applying on the affected area. This application with not only reduce the pain but also provide a soothing effect

The third cure that can be a handy option is to apply some butter, ghee, mustard oil or margarine that is available in the house over the burn. All these stuff acts as wonderful emollients.

The fourth cure takes into consideration that potato or cucumber slice is very good cooling agents. So you can slice any of them and easily apply on the area of burning. If you feel that the cooling affect is taking some time you can grate then and apply it directly on the wound

The fifth cure that is widely used in households is to apply used teabags on the affected area. This will provide immediate aid for this condition.

The sixth recommended cure can be done with the help of yogurt as it is a natural healer and works an antidote for the burn. For using yogurt you can directly apply it on the burnt area or you can compress it within a cheese cloth and then apply it. It is a wonderful method of reducing pain caused by minor burns.

The seventh option is to apply turmeric paste on the burned area. Turmeric being an antiseptic will help to heal the area.

Other popular well known applications include usage of honey, so-ya sauce or hair oils containing Vitamin E.

If you are lucky to have an Aloe-Vera plant in the vicinity, you can cut it the leaves of the plant to take out the pulp and apply it on the wound. This plant is also known to be a part of many antiseptic creams used for treating burns.