Natural Remedy For Ringworm

Ringworm is the result of ample moist and warm conditions available in the skin for the fungus like Trichophyton rubrum to thrive on .They in fact feed on the keratin present in the skin and hair shaft and produce red colored enlarged and raised rings on the skin. The other name of this kind of infection is Dermatophytosis.

This disease is highly contagious and can not only spread from one person to another by direct or indirect means but can also spread to the other parts of the body on the person who has been contradicted by the disease. Even animals or pets like cat and dogs can prove to be a carrier for this spiteful disease.

Remedies that can be made and applied at home can prove beneficial in treating the ringworm infection to a great level. You can also try some of these tips if you have got an ring worm infection.

The first remedy involves using a paste of pre-soaked mustard seeds and applies in on the areas where red colored patchy and elevated rings have erupted. The start of a tingling sensation will ensure that the medication has started its effect. Regular use of mustard seeds paste will settle down this infection to great levels.

The second remedial option available is to crush and apply raw turmeric on the affected area. You can further enhance the cure by gulping down a teaspoon of turmeric mixed with honey. Both of these are considered good methods to treat ringworm infection.

In case the infection is localized to scalp as well then you can opt for Castor oil and rub it on the infected areas to reduce the itchiness involved. You can also try and apply coconut oil to this area as it has also given good results.

The fourth remedy involves the rubbing of a slice of raw papaya on the patches for two to three times in a day. This will provide necessary cooling to infected area as well as reduce the irritation in the skin.

It is recommended that you have vegetables juice of carrots and spinach in combination so as to treat the ring worm infection.

The sixth remedy involves applying a mud pack on the affected area for around half an hour. Application of this pack twice a day can be an effective method to treat ring worm infections.

The seventh cure calls for making a paste by grinding bay leaves with a little water and apply it on the red patchy skin to soothe the skin.