5 Natural Remedies For Scabies


Scabies is a form ofskin infection in which the surface layer of the skin gets affected due to infection with the mite Sarcoptes scabiei which burrows itself under the skin of the host. The result of such an infection is itching along with eruption of rashes.

Other symptoms that can be commonly found to be associated with scabies include fever, headache and swelling of the infected region. However these symptoms take about two to six week to surface and show its symptoms.

Scabies is an infectious disease which is communicable from one person to another by skin to skin contact. It can also spread as a result of using the articles of the infected person. The simplest way for this infection to spread is by having a mere handshake with the person suffering from this disease.

Sarcoptes scabei usually feed on the blood of the host and lays its egg beneath the skin layers. All this lead to generation of waste under the skin which can generate an immune response that result in red colored rashes or blisters on the skin.

Scabies are more commonly found between the fingers of hands and toes, wrist, armpits and elbow folds and some home remedies for scabies that can help you in combating some of the problems associated with scabies.

The first remedy involves use of soaks in order to prevent itching. One can also apply a calamine lotion to reduce the prickliness and itching caused due to scabies.

calamine lotion

The second cure calls for usage of fresh juice extracted from the leaves of apricot plant. For using this remedy you need to pluck some apricot leaves and clean them by running under water followed by grinding in a blender and squeezing out the juice. When this apricot juice is applied over the area infected by scabies it can reduce the itchiness.

apricot juice

The third medication involves using a paste made from neem leaves, turmeric and mustard oil. Application of this paste on the infected area is one of the effective methods for scabies.

mustard oil

As prevention is always better, it is good if you spray some anti mite spray on your clothes and other stuff so as to prevent the further spreading of this infectious disease.

The fifth cure is brought by using tea tree oil and if you have a bath with warm water in which a few drops of tea tree oil is added it can help you to reduce the itching and also soothe the rashes.

tea tree oil

scabies cures