Natural Remedy For Skin Abrasions

Abrasions or tiny bruises are common to every household. Your child can get a scratch after a fall while playing football or can get a scuff while falling from a height? It generally shows is appearance on the upper surface of the dermal skin i.e. the epidermis due to the contact of the skin with a rough and uneven surface.

The abrasion may or may not accompany formation of scar or bleeding and accordingly abrasions are categorized into three types
•    Mild Abrasions
•    Deep abrasions
•    Traumatic abrasions

In case of mild abrasions, there is no bleeding and as a result no scar formation takes place. However, in case of deep abrasions are different and do end up in forming a scar and in case of traumatic abrasions all the skin layers are removed. This condition of traumatic abrasion is also called as avulsion.

Some cases of abrasions are difficult to treat at home while others can just find a remedy at home and simple techniques and materials commonly available at home can be of extreme help. So, you can also try a home remedy in case such a situation strikes at you.

Firstly, you can use a combination of thyme tea with water and essential oil to clean the area of injury. This mixture is a proven disinfectant as well as will protect the site from further infections. You can also try and apply some lavender oil on the part that has developed a scratch as regular application of the lavender oil will help in healing the abrasion at a faster rate.

Secondly, topical application of Aloe Vera gel can remove the scars and also help in healing of wound as aloe is a well known medical herb for treating wound and scuff marks.

Thirdly, you can also lend a hand to marigold flowers. Crush these flowers and apply on the scratch outwardly to use it as a home remedial option to treat abrasions. If marigold flowers unable you can also apply crushed parsley leaves or onion juice on the wounded area.

Fourthly, calendula can be used for topical application as it encourages new skin development along with being a curative option to stop bleeding.

Fifthly, some people also use dock leaves and crush them and apply on the abrasion along with tying up with a bandage can help in case of abrasions.

Another option is to apply iodine on the wounded area and it is considered as one of the better ways to treat abrasions.