Natural Remedy for Sprain


Ligaments are soft tissues that have the basic function of connecting the two bones in order to form a joint. Any wear and tear or over stretching of one or more ligaments result into sprain and such a condition is common if a person is involved in some sort of physical activities.


The wrist, ankles as well as knees are the more common areas which are vulnerable to sprain and come about due to a fall or trip over, an abrupt wrench or a jolt to the body that shove a joint out of its natural place.

Some natural remedies that are safe and chemical free can be used for treating these sprains and can prove helpful.

The first remedy can be brought about by applying mustard oil to the affected area followed by sprinkling a bit of turmeric to it.You should then bandage the area and apply some natural heat using salt tied up in a cloth and heated on a pan.

This will give immediate relief from the pain. Instead of this, you can also take a hot water bath after applying mustard oil for treating sprains.

mustard oil with turmeric

The second cure calls for applying an ice pack or cold compress to the wrench area. This will assist to diminish the sensation of pain on the applied area and make the sprain go away.

ice pack

For treating sprain you can also use clove oil and make a poultice and apply on the strained area in order to treat sprains and muscular cramps.

clove oil

The fourth cure involves chopping of onion followed by adding in a muslin cloth to make a bundle.Placing this bundle on the affected parts for sometime can be helpful for treating sprains.


The fifth remedy involves making a suspension of almond oil and garlic oil in equal proportion and followed by massaging the strained area can get you some relief.

almond oil and garlic oil

In case of foot sprain, you can place a single tablespoon of black coffee in the dressing and swathe the injured foot with it.

black coffee

The seventh remedy involves soaking up the surface leaves of a cabbage in water and used these soaked up leaves to cover up the sprained area for about fifteen minutes.


For the eighth cure, you can take a hot water bath with Epsom salt. This will give relief from the pain due to strain. You can also consider an alternative and soak the affected area in warm water with a few drops of lavender oil or thyme oil.

hot water bath

The ninth remedy involves massaging the area and for this you can either choose a blend of sunflower and camphor oil or a mixture of sunflower oil with turpentine oil. Both of this oil massage will reduce the pain involved.

sunflower oil

The tenth cure calls for using lime. For this you can mix a teaspoon of lime juice along with a teaspoon of honey and massage on the affected area or you can also blend together leaves of the lime plant along with some butter and apply on the strained area for fifteen minutes to heal the sprain.

Lime with honey