Natural Remedy for Toothache


Toothache is a general problem prevalent in children as well as adults. The pain that arises is unbearable and it can make you spend sleepless nights. The major cause of this tooth pain is either due to any cavity caused by bacterial infection or due to the presence of a splintered tooth .


Other causes of tooth ache include the exasperation of tooth root or due to the swelling in the gums. Whichever the reason may be for the tooth ache to arise the result can be very drastic.

Many of the dental problems develop due to intake of a carbohydrate rich diet that includes sugars and refined flour based food products. . Even drinking of hot or cold beverage or things can cause an aggravation of this very problem.

carbohydrate rich diet

The bacteria that reside within the mouth actually break down the sugars you consume into acids which later combine with the calcium in the enamel to cause the putrefaction.

Though tooth ache real cause has to be tackled by a dentist still you might find yourself stuck with this pain troubling you at the middle of the night or at odd hours. So some basic home remedies can that are easy and trouble free can be adopted to give you relief from this painful sensation.

The first remedy can prove to be helpful is by usage of clove oil. Applying the oil on the cavities present in the teeth will help you to get some relief from the pain. The clove oil is also known for decreasing the infection in the teeth due to the antiseptic properties residing within it.

Clove oil

For the second natural medication you can use a piece of garlic along with some salt to keep on the dental cavity. Presence of the compound allicin in it which is also known for its antibiotic properties will help in the reduction of the twinge.

Garlic with salt

The third cure calls for using of asafoetida to get some respite from ache. The powdered asafoetida should be mixed with the juice of a lemon and just vaguely heated. Then soak a cotton wool piece into this solution and position it in a way that it resides over the cavity and the solution can move freely within the dental caries.


For the fourth cure you can gargle with the juice of the wheat grass to prevent the tooth decay. The wheat grass is also considered as a useful medication to get relief from the tooth ache.

Juice of wheat grass

It is also recommended to include vitamin c rich foods in your diet as it is considered good for healthy teeth and keeps the dental problems at bay.

Vitamin C

For the fifth remedy you can try and use a paste made up of bay berry bark and some vinegar. Applying this paste on the affected tooth will alleviate the toothache.

Bay berry bark

The sixth remedy calls for using a mixture that is made by using salt and pepper powder. Using this mixture to rinse your mouth can prove to be a use full tip to provide relief to the pain in the tooth.

Pepper power