Natural Supplements to Prevent Senile Dementia


Due to the grasp of ageing, we start having memory loss problems. It is a normal phenomenon and happens to most of the people. However, when this condition turns serious, a person starts losing memory, and having trouble with other mental abilities, this condition then is named as Senile Dementia.

Senile Dementia

The most common, and infamous, type of Senile Dementia is the Alzheimer’s disease. Dementia in a person can turn a whole family upside down and may create many problems. As there is still no known care for the condition, natural supplements, taken throughout one’s life, may help in the prevention of such a condition and slow down the progress of the disease.

Vitamin B12 To Prevent Senile Dementia

Recent researches have helped find out that the presence of Vitamin B12 in the blood of a person can help prevent the onset of Dementia. People with a high level of B12, has the least number of Dementia patients. Vitamin B12 can be found in various vegetables, the likes of green leafy vegetables, broccoli, kale, carrots, kales, legumes, nut and seeds, etc. The vitamin can also be found in Eggs and various dairy products.

Vitamin B12

Other B Vitamins To Prevent Senile Dementia

In Vitamin B category there are others too, which can prevent the condition of Senile Dementia. In addition to B12, B-6 vitamin is also necessary to prevent dementia. The amount of B-6 vitamin taken everyday, should be 1.7 micrograms. But there’s a problem with this vitamin; if accidentally taken more than 200 micrograms a day, it is toxic for your body. So be careful while having this vitamin.

Vtamin B6

Turmeric To Prevent Senile Dementia

Turmeric is an herb, which has anti-inflammatory values. This is one of the many reasons, why it is extensively used for treating various ailments. It also helps in keeping the mind, and the, memory healthy. In addition to its anti-inflammatory powers, it also works like an antioxidant, and delays the formation of free radicals. Turmeric also aids in reducing the cholesterol level in our bodies. You may start this supplement by taking it everyday, 10 gm a day.


Omega 3 Fatty Acid To Prevent Senile Dementia

Omega-3 fatty acid, or Omega 3 fish oil, is essential to the human body for a number of reasons. You must have heard elders speak about the fact that feeding on fishes help in increasing the brain capacity (power). Well, they were right. Omega-3 fatty acid is mostly found in fishes, and is extremely helpful in increasing the brain function and prevention of memory loss problems. Recent studies have found out that though this nutrient is good for overall health, it should be taken not more than 3-4 grams a day; this is because, it might trigger excessive bleeding in some individuals.

Omega 3

Vitamin D To Prevent Senile Dementia

A lack, or lessened amount, of Vitamin D in your body can result in dementia and its other related diseases. You may provide Vitamin D to your body by exposing yourself to the naked sun regularly or, you can take supplements for the same. Before taking the supplement, it is advised that you consult your doctor about the amount needed for your size, and age.

Vitamin D