6 Natural Ways To Cure Gallstones


Gallstones are formations made out of bile juice and cholesterol. It is the crystalline formation of the combination of the two. Mostly, they are asymptomatic as they are small; however, after reaching a certain size (bigger than 8 millimeter) its presence starts giving off signs and symptoms.

Cure Gallstones These symptoms are mostly, a rising pain in the upper abdominal region through a time period of 30 minutes to some hours.

Sometimes you may also experience severe pain in your backside (around your shoulder plate region); and in some other rare cases, the pain may grow in the abdominal region.

These pains can also be followed by vomiting and nausea. Though it is advised that you visit your doctor, immediately after a gallstone pain attack, it is not advised that you take the medication.

Medication may subdue the pain and eventually bring out the stones, but it may leave behind some side effects. It is thus advised that you naturally cure this condition.

Natural cure, in addition to being able to relieve the pain and remove the stones, will also do all this without giving you side effects; rather, it will make you fitter and healthier than before.

Apple Juice Method

This method can help you get the stones out. Follow the few steps carefully.
Day 1-Day 5

Start taking apple juice (4 glasses), or apples (4-5 pieces), per day, and continue doing so for 5 days.

Do not worry if it is packaged, it will work too. The juice of apple helps to soften the stones. Other than this, have a normal diet throughout these 5 days.

Apple juice

Day 6

On the sixth day, of your quest to remove the stones, have a regular breakfast and lunch but then onwards, do not have any solid food (not even soups). Fluids such as juices and water are okay.

In the evening time, at around 6 pm, warm one glass of water with the addition of one teaspoon of Epsom salt (its magnesium sulphate).
After a couple of hours (say at around 8 pm), make and drink the same solution. This helps to open up the mouths/ducts of the gallbladder.
Before resting…

At around 10 o’clock take half a cup of sesame oil (olive oil works best) with the same amount of fresh lemon squeeze.

Mix the solution properly and then drink it. You should know that this solution helps in lubricating (easing) the passage.
Now lie down, and fall asleep, or may just rest; just do not get all worked up with any physical activity. Hopefully, you should be seeing the stones in your stools, the next day.

Another way of getting the stones out is making some minor changes in the diet.

Drink fluids

Water To Cure Gallstones

Take a glass of water every hour, to detoxify your body and the digestive system. It will also help to get the acidic juices out of the body and make the gallbladder more watery than viscous. Due to this, the stones will be more soluble in water.

consume water

Fiber To Cure Gallstones

Eat foods rich in fiber, like vegetables, grains and fruits, etc.

fiber vegetables

Keep Away From These

You can restrict the amount of cholesterol in your body, by taking to extra amount of high cholesterol amount.

Keep away from high cholesterol, high fat, and high sugar induced foods. Not to mention, stay away from fast foods.

So you see the natural way is much better. It will enrich your body with the essential missing blocks too. Go to a doctor and check the size of the stones; if they are big, it is better to use the medication.

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