Natural Ways To Get Blond Hair Color


Many people want to try and have a lighter shade of hairs color and look for the options that could help them in this regard. Now-a-days a large number of chemical based products are also present in the market which can help you to attain the color of your choice.

Blond Hair Color

We all know the side effects associated with the chemicals usage on hairs and the very fact of using these chemicals can cause serious hair problems like thinning of hair, dryness along with developing dandruff and spilt end problems restrict many people from dyeing their hairs. So these people can use some natural herbs and getting the desired results.

Lemon can be used for the dyeing or rather say for bleaching your hair and attain a color that is lighter than your natural hair color. Say if you have dark brown hairs then your hair can become light brown after repeated use for three to four times. Similarly a change of shade in hair color can be expected from light brown to a much lighter blond shade of hair color.


For using lemon as a hair dye you need to mix half a cup each of lemon juice and warm water and spray it on your hair.Then you just need to apply some amount of heat to it that you can do naturally by sitting in the sun or by artificial method by using a hair dryer.

Chamomile concoction is used to change the normal hair color into blond and for preparation of this concoction you just need the chamomile herbs along with warm water and just have to mix the water along with the chamomile herbs and straining it to remove the water and use this potion for rinsing the hair. Frequent use of this infusion will make your hair color lighter as days pass by.

Chamomile herb

A mixture can also be prepared by mixing juice of lemons, apple cider vinegar, marigold flowers chamomile flowers, calendula, rhubarb root powder, honey and vodka and apply it to the hairs for half an hour followed by rinsing it can act as natural hair dye that can leave a blond color hair.

Some people also adopt an alternative and mix chamomile, calendula, marigold, lemon juice and water and use this to rinse their hair.This mixture can not only lighten your hair color over prolonged usage but also used by people who have died their hairs blond to keep their tresses looking the same for a long time.