Natural Ways To Get Brunette Hair Color

Want to experiment with the present hair color and get a reddish orange or just want to hide the locks of grey hair then these natural methods can prove helpful to you without causing any damage to your hair.

Brunette Hair Color

Additionally, some of these methods can be useful in highlighting your hair as well. But it is known that these natural methods are not that fast to get you the results so a series of applications is required to get the results.

Henna is considered to be the best method to turn your hair brunette .For applying henna on hair you just need to mix the three hundred grams of henna powder in a bowl with anything that is acidic like lemon juice or orange juice to make a thick paste.

Cover the bowl with a plastic sheet and keep it overnight. The amount of the henna needed will though vary and tend to increase if your hairs are longer and similarly decrease if your hairs are shorter.

The henna paste should be used next morning for the purpose to apply on each of the strands of hair from root to tip area. Keep it on hair till the henna dries up and then wash it off.

It is also said that you should not mix the henna with warm water as the results can turn the color of hair into brassy orange rather than turning deep red. Henna is also used by many people for the purpose to cover their grey hairs.


Sage can help you to enhance your brunette hair color and for this you just require adding eight tablespoons of dried sage in boiling water and allow the concoction to simmer for thirty minutes. Remove this mixture from the fire and strain it to remove the leftover herbs.


Now use this very mixture for rinsing your dry hair. It minutes before washing with fresh water. Using this mixture, regularly for at least one month will help you to achieve the desired results.

Various other herbs have proved to be helpful also and people also use rosemary or walnut hulls is used to make infusions and use these infusions to add highlight to the hair strands. Some people also use black coffee for this purpose to change the color of hair.

black coffee