Natural Ways To Overcome Eye Bags

Eye bags make you look older than your age. A worn out and stressed out look of the face is attained due to presence of eye bags. There are many factors which are responsible for dark circles and eye bags under the eyes.

Eye Bags

Most of the people consider improper sleep as the major cause for eye bags. Unhealthy lifestyle and improper health are the other two important factors which result in formation of eye bags. Four useful and natural ways for overcoming the eye bags are listed hereunder.

Cold and warm compresses are of great assistance in dealing with the problem of eye bags. If, improper sleep is the cause of your eye bags, then you need to wash the face several times with cold water. The pores of the skin would shrink and the tissues of the skin would be tightened with these cold compresses.

Cold and warm compresses

However, if poor blood circulation is the reason for eye bags under the eyes, then warm compresses are of great help. Placing warm tea-bags on the eyes for a few minutes would help in improving blood circulation, thus helping to get rid of eye bags.

A mixture of blended cucumber and mashed banana is considered to be a very effective remedy for eye bags. Cucumber is enriched with skin whitening benefits and helps in improving the skin’s hydration level.


Banana contains rejuvenating and refreshing features. Both the things work in a perfect manner to make the skin look fresh and revitalized, thus overcoming eye bags.

Using activated charcoal for getting rid of eye bags is a very good treatment. All the toxins and impurities would be removed in amazingly. The activated charcoal powder is mixed with cornstarch and water, and applied near the eyes to treat eye bags.

Charcoal powder

The best natural treatments for eye bags are to sleep properly every night and to maintain proper health. You should sleep for around eight hours every night, so that the eyes do not look puffy when you wake up in morning.

Also, you must eat all healthy foods like green vegetables and fresh fruits, so that overall health, including skin’s health, is improved.

Fruits and Vegetables