Natural Yeast Infection Treatment – Beating Candida!

Yeast infection is a skin infection which normally occurs in women, due to over growth of a fungus known as candida. Though, in most of the cases, yeast infection occurs around the vagina, yet in some cases it also occurs near the mouth and below the breasts.

If the problem of yeast infection is not treated properly, there are greater chances of the infection retuning back. You would find numerous prescribed drugs to deal with the problem of yeast infection. However, the prescribed drugs may have some side effects which can be incredibly harmful for your health. Therefore, the best way to deal with yeast infection is to go for natural treatments.

Excess sugar and unwanted toxins can be removed from the body by consuming plenty of water on daily basis. This is a very effective and natural treatment with respect to yeast infection, which does not have side effects and helps in dealing with the problem amazingly.

Tea tree oil is an influential yeast infection cure which helps in dealing with the problem in a fabulous way. The anti bacterial properties contained in tea tree oil acts wonderfully in healing yeast infection.

Another wonderful natural way to treat yeast infection is through yogurt. Yogurt is enriched with anti bacterial properties, thus helping to kill the bacteria resulting in yeast infection. Inserting yogurt into the vagina with a tampon would be of immense help in fighting against yeast infection. Eating yogurt on daily basis would be of great support in preventing and treating yeast infection naturally.

Garlic also has great healing properties and supports in treating yeast infection naturally. Smashed garlic cloves consumed with water would support in the yeast infection treatment. Inserting a fresh garlic clove into the vagina also aids in yeast infection treatment.

A powerful treatment for yeast infection consists of using oregano oil on the infected area with the help of cotton. Massaging the oil on the infected skin area assists in yeast infection cure.

Wearing cotton clothes of lose fitting would help in allowing the air to go through your body, thus keeping your skin dry. This would help in preventing and treating yeast infection in a natural way.