5 Nutrients For Healthy Lungs


‘We live because we breathe!’ It was something like that, wasn’t it? Anyway, what we want to say that, unless you start and know how to, take care of your inner organs, your outer surface will start deteriorating.


Ironically, when the global warming is screaming at its peak, human beings are starting to realize this and some individuals are starting to care for their inner self.

If you are not one of these individuals, let us make you one. Following a few diet adjustments will make you meet with the problem face-on. Here we are providing a list of nutrients that you need to keep your lungs fit.

Nutrients For Healthy Lungs

Vitamin C

This vitamin offers a generous lot of functionalitites that help our health. It helps to boost our Immune system, improves our tissue flexibility, heal wounds and improve the health of capillary and blood vessel. It is also advantageous in several conditions of the body.

According to a research, the kids with a deficiency of this vitamin face higher risk of poor health of the lungs. There are several fruits that are rich with vitamin C and some of them are citrus fruits, strawberries, Brussels sprouts, red bell peppers, cantaloupe, etc.

Vitamin C

Omega 3

The fatty acids of Omega 3 are beneficial for maintaining healthy lungs. It has the ability to lower down the symptoms of asthma and the usage of medication needed to cure the disease.

So this nutrient can help those who are suffering from extreme condition of asthma in such a way that they can easily breathe and ensure good health of the lungs.

It has been noticed that the teenagers get more benefits of using Omega 3 fatty acid. One can get Omega 3 acid by consuming canola oil, flax, walnuts and also some fishes such as herring, salmon and anchovies.


Vitamin E

Vitamin E works well when taken with vitamin C. As vitamin C improves vitamin E’s usefulness because of the antioxidant properties, it makes this nutrient beneficial and usable.

Vitamin E also does good to the skin and the tissue in general; which, evidently, is what our lungs are made of. This diet is very beneficial for the teenagers’ lung health. Vitamin E is found in wheat germ oil and spinach.

Vitamin E

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Apart from Vitamins, Minerals are equally important for the health of our lungs. Some, like selenium and magnesium, shields our lungs from the damage inflicted by free-radicals.Experts recommend a diet rich in minerals, along with the vitamins.

People with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease have the tendency of experiencing low levels of circulating minerals in their blood. You will find this lifesaver in fortified cereals, legumes and vegetables.

Some other edibles, which can help in maintaining a good health of our lungs, are Carrots, corns, Brazil nuts, oranges, broccoli, brown rice, eggs, etc.


Last Words

A healthy and balanced diet is essential for everyone. The body balance gets hampered if only one part is focused on and the other parts are ignored.

Edibles that are beneficial for the health of the lungs are to be consumed by those who are having problem in the lungs and also by those who don’t have any such problem. The best thing to do is maintaining the proper balanced diet.

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