Nutrition Tips For Bodybuilding


For gaining muscle mass, eating foods that have proper nutritional value is absolutely necessary.

Nutrition Tips

More often we tend to replace nutritional food with comfort food like pizzas, burgers etc. because there are available in unlimited varieties and satisfy our taste buds.

It has been observed that body builders always do everything to the extreme stage. They count or measure every inch or pound of their muscles to attain their desired goal. For nutritional requirements, they often apply the same extreme strategy.

For gaining muscles, they prefer to have all the protein they can get. In the same way, for loosing weight they would completely remove fat from the diet. However, the truth is that both the steps won’t benefit them or help them to meet their goals.

Protein diet

Required Nutrition

The three micronutrients – carbohydrates, protein and fats are equally important for a bodybuilder. Their daily diet must contain proper percentage of all the three nutrients.Their daily calories must contain 50% of carbohydrates, 30% of protein and 20% of fats. It is generally believed that carbs make people fat.

This is the reason behind popularity of low carb diet. But actually they act as fuel and helps bodybuilder to build muscles. So it is necessary for bodybuilders to consume at least half the portion of carbohydrate in their diet before and after their training session everyday. 30% of their calorie intake should be from protein. Protein should be included in all the three meals.

There is a general misconception that fat is bad for every one.  On the contrary, fats are essential for building muscles and healthy functioning of vital organs. So, your daily calorie intake should include healthy fats like nuts, meat and oil.

nutritious diet

Ways To Calculate Calories

You must know that each gram of protein can be counted as 4 calories, carbohydrate also contains calories and each gram of fat is counted as 9 calories. Now you can easily calculate your daily calories. To become a successful bodybuilder and a healthy person, a healthy balance of all the macro nutrients is extremely important.

Example of healthy fat that boost your metabolism and contribute to muscle growth are nuts. In the same way fish has greater nutrition value than meat, chicken and beef. You can get vitamin A, D and E and also omega 3 fatty acid in some fishes. They can very well contribute to your muscle growth. Drink enough water because your muscles need it for proper growth.

consume water