Nutritional Needs For Diabetic Children


Diabetes is now becoming one of the chronic diseases to occur to children. More than 151,000 individuals (within the age line of 20) are reported to have been reported with the case of either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. Basically, what has been found is that, children with the condition of Diabetes are already having the nutrients needed to fight off the disease; what is needed, after one is identified with this disease, is to control the amount of sugar (carbohydrate) in their diet.

So if your child is diabetic, you should know what to feed him/her, to get his/her proper health back.

Some Basic Tips

First things first, one should never delve into the treatment of diabetes without the consultation of a doctor. So first thing, you should do after seeing any sign or symptoms, is to get your child to a doctor and get a full checkup.

If it is available in your area, and you’re able to afford it, buy a blood-glucose meter to keep a track of the glucose level each day. Report, what you find, to the doctor.

Nutritional Needs :

An excess of carbohydrate in this level of the child, may prove very harmful for the child. But that does not mean that he/she should be totally deprived of carbohydrate.

Carbohydrate forms an integral part of diet, so consult the child’s dietician to know how much carbohydrate is important and not harmful, for your child.

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Protein is an essential nutrient for the growth and build-up of the children. Edible foods which contain protein are pork, poultry, soy, seeds and nuts, fishes, dairy, etc.

the children should have a considerable amount of protein, daily; the amount should be fixed by the doctor of the child.


Fat too forms an integral part in the diet of a child in growth years. But high-fat foods are difficult to digest and take time; so it is suggested that you feed your child with low-fat food.

Low-fat foods also help in controlling the level of blood sugar in the body. Keep your child away from the saturated fat foods, fast/processed foods, etc.


Certain vitamins are very important in serving the body with the necessary nutrients. So make your children eat green leafy vegetables, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, etc.

for the essential Vitamin C to build-up in the body; feed them with carrots, spinach, apricots, etc. to give the essential dose of Vitamin A; provide them with a regular dosage of legumes, black-eyed peas, etc.

To build up the folic acid content in the body. The meals should consist of all the nutrients and vitamins, in equal forms, to form a good, healthy diet; enough to fight off the diabetic condition.

It’s hard on the children to eat all green and ‘non-tasty’ stuff, but they should be fed with all the nutrients. You may also give sweets to them occasionally, for a change in taste.

Be sure of the amount of nutrition you’re giving to your child, by keeping in contact with the doctor, at regular intervals.

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