Omega 3– The Ultimate Brain Food

A healthy brain is necessary to live a happy and successful life. Brain is the most important organ of the body. A body without a healthy brain can pose severe health complications and can make the life of the person very miserable.

Just like the body, brain too needs proper nutrition to perform its normal functions. Hence, it is essential to eat a diet that keeps the brain in sound health.

Recent studies reveal that Omega-3 fatty acids are vital for the normal development of the brain. They also help the brain to function normally and efficiently. Experts consider Omega-3 fatty acids as the ultimate brain food due to the numerous benefits they provide to our brain. Let us see why Omega-3 is considered as the ultimate brain food.

Omega-3 provides short-term as well as long term benefits to your brain. A number of clinical trials suggest that Omega-3, especially DHA and EPA can be beneficial in minimizing many brain disorders. A diet high in Omega-3 is effective in improving memory problems like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity and Alzheimer’s disease.

Studies also confirm that Omega-3 is also helpful in improving the mental health conditions such as bipolar disorder, depression, aggression, schizophrenia, and borderline personality disorder.

One more reason for regarding Omega-3 as the ultimate brain food is that a diet high in Omega-3 EPA and DHA can enhance and increase IQ, cognition and the learning ability of an individual. Consumption of the recommended quantity of Omega-3 daily, also reduces the ‘brain fog’, improves the communication skills and encourages constructive and optimistic mood.

Free radicals in the body can destroy or injure brain cells. Omega-3 controls these free radicals and protects your brain cells from damage. It also boosts blood flow to the brain and helps the neurotransmitters to function properly. Depression is a common problem that affects a number of people. This mainly occurs due to the low levels of serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter.

Omega-3 enhances the serotonin levels in your brain and provides protection against many mental problems like depression and suicidal tendencies. Omega-3 fatty acid also has the capability of reducing inflammation in the cells and blood vessels of your brain.

The immense benefits provided by Omega-3 fatty acid, make it the ultimate brain food.