Panic Attacks: Alternative Treatment Methods And Remedies

If you haven’t experienced panic attack, you may not know how immensely distressing these attacks are. They are disabling surges of overwhelming fear and distress that arrive like a tidal wave, seemingly from nowhere. Your heart rate shoots up, breathing becomes difficult,

Remedies for panic attack

you may pour with sweat, shake, feel irrationally terrified, will be afraid that you are actually going to die and think you are losing your grip on reality.

It is one of the most common psychological problem on both sides of the Atlantic, way ahead of depression, which receives a lot more attention, recognition, public sympathy and support. The usual treatment is with anti-anxiety drugs such as Xanax. However, there is a lot of bad publicity about prescription medications and more and more people are shifting towards natural home remedies to reduce the frequency and intensity of panic attacks.

Anti-anxiety drugs

The most commonly used non-drug treatments are hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, meditation and “Timeline therapy” (TL), an adjunct to neuro-linguistic programming which can work in most cases. Regular tai chi and qi gong, can also be very grounding, and calming as well as being good exercise and flexibility promoters. They are popular as long term approaches to anxiety and panic control.

Tai chi and qi gong

However, there is another approach that’s well worth looking as as it seems to be getting good results. It is a self-help system that combines some basic re-programming of the brain’s response to stress and panic triggers with behavioral strategies. Called the Linden method, it is based on targeting the amygdale area of the mid-brain, the neurological center responsible for our emotional and panic responses. The program offers the ‘how-to’ system itself in a series of simple teaching modules on CD-Rom or video to use at home, plus unlimited access to trained counselors.

You can also try two herbs that can give you relief from panic attacks, they are Winter cherry and Siberian ginseng. Winter cherry has sedative-like properties and helps to rebuild the nervous system. It can help you to fall asleep if you are feeling restless at bedtime. Siberian ginseng helps stimulate the adrenal glands and increase mental alertness.

Winter cherry

Since this herb increases mental alertness, it is advisable to take it in the morning. Taking sea salt or Celtic salt in a tall glass of water can also help you remain calm. Avoid sugary foods as they can cause adrenal fatigue. For the same reason, it is advisable to eliminate or reduce chocolates and other stimulating drinks such as.

Coffee and tea for panic attack