Paraffin Baths: Alternative Treatment


Paraffin Bath, a kind of heat therapy, is highly beneficial for medicinal and cosmetic uses. Paraffin Baths are quite effective in treating pain caused due to arthritis, rheumatism and other joint related problems.

Paraffin baths benefits

Pain caused due to sports-related injuries can be treated using paraffin baths. These days’ spas and salons are equipped with paraffin baths to provide beauty treatment for softening skin and conducting pedicures and manicures.

To give paraffin baths, a unit has to be installed which is basically an insulated container equipped with heating devices to melt paraffin wax. The wax on melting creates a comfortable warm temperature.

Paraffin wax along with mineral oils is effective in softening dry skin.

Paraffin wax with mineral oils

Wax is also available in various scents like peach, lavender, wintergreen, etc to add the aromatherapy element to the treatment through paraffin wax. Unscented paraffin wax can be infused with essential oils to crate scents of your choice.

Using a paraffin bath at home is easy. Fill an empty container with warm wax but ensure that the temperature of the wax is comfortable for you. Immerse the particular part (knee, elbow, hand, etc) in the container. The heated wax will insulate the body part.

Paraffin bath

Take out the body part immediately
. The wax will solidify on the body part and preserve the heat. This, when repeated several times, will provide relief from pain and smoothen the skin. Repeat the procedure several times and put a plastic bag over the body part and place some towels on it. Remove the wax after 15-20 minutes.

Paraffin wax is an excellent way of treating body ache and joint pains without the use of medicinal drugs. The heat generated by the wax eases the tension in the muscles, stimulates blood circulation and relieves inflammation.

The wax has addition moisturizing properties which are good for cosmetic use. Paraffin baths make the skin smooth and supple and treat dry skin.

Paraffin wax

However certain precautions must be taken before using paraffin baths. People with diabetes, varicose veins, and hypertension and circulation ailments should refrain from this treatment.

While using paraffin bath at home, precautions must be taken to avoid any mishap and it is advisable to read the instructions manual carefully.

be safe