Paraffin Baths:As Natural Remedy For Arthritis

If you are suffering from the condition of chronic aching and twinge in the hands, elbows and feet or suffering from joint problems like rheumatism, muscle spasm or arthritis then this treatment therapy that makes use of paraffin wax for giving heat treatment for the pain in the joints can be of immense help.

It is also used for finding a remedy for the dryness and chapped skin. Due to the use of paraffin wax in this therapy it is known as paraffin baths or paraffin wax baths.

Previously the paraffin baths
were found in the physiotherapy centers or as a part of medical spas but now you can even get it done in the premises of your house without putting much of the effort to take an appointment or paying large amount of money for it.

Paraffin baths consist of small container that embraces up the paraffin wax that is capable of absorption and retention of heat. The paraffin wax in the bath is first melted and when you put your hands or feet in the paraffin bath, the heat is transferred to the dipped in area.

For preparation of a paraffin bath you will require some paraffin wax pellets and a paraffin bath unit. You will be required to melt in the paraffin pellets by heating it to a temperature above 120⁰F in the bath unit which is designed with built in heating elements to liquefy the wax.

When the paraffin wax gets melted in the designed container you need to submerge the affected area in the liquefied paraffin. Let it stay in that wax till it forms a thin uniform coat over that area and then remove and wait till the paraffin wax solidifies again. This melted wax till the time it gets cooled up will help to provide the necessary heat to affected area.

Once the wax cool down and form a film, repeat this process again and again till this coat of wax gets thickened up. Now you can wrap the aching body part in a plastic bag followed by towels and keep it still for around twenty minutes. After that, remove the paraffin wax with the help of a scrapper.

People suffering from arthritis pain have gained immense relief by using paraffin wax due to the reason that the paraffin wax heats up the affected muscles and tissues and bring relief from the muscular cramps and pains. These wax baths also assuage the stiffness by removing the excess of fluids present around the joints and make the rotation or movements in the joints easier and less painful also.

Another benefit of wax bath is that is useful for a wide range of skin condition problems. This paraffin wax bath is a great way to treat dry and flaky skin in order to remove the dryness and making it soft and supple. People suffering from eczema and psoriasis have found this very effective and beneficial.