Pilates : A Mind-Body Exercise

There are a number of exercises that can be done for different reasons. Some exercises are intended to build your muscles whereas others are intended to shed your extra pounds! But there are some exercises that target your mind and body as well. And Pilates is one such well known exercise.

Some people often get confused with mind-body exercise and meditation and relaxation methods. They consider them to be the same but in reality these exercises considerably differ from each other. A mind-body exercise, in simple terms, is a physical exercise that includes some basic principles such as concentration, breathing, control and precision. These are executed with extreme focus.

Pilates is a fitness workout that was developed by a German athlete called Joseph H. Pilates almost 90 years ago. Pilates is a mind-body exercise that needs to be carried out correctly in order to reap its several benefits. It is an exercise that does not increase your muscle mass but focuses particularly on your body’s core muscles such as hip, back and abdominal muscles and builds strength, endurance and flexibility.

You can get a number of benefits by doing Pilates with full concentration and by following its basic principles. Although you may not notice major benefits in the short run, you will observe its immense benefits in the long run.

Now let us know about some of the fitness benefits of the Pilates exercise. In the first place, it helps you in getting a flat tummy, firm and flat muscles, well-built back and correct body posture. You can enhance your lung capacity by doing Pilates breathing exercises. Blood flow to your heart can also be improved by increasing the duration of the aerobic part of Pilates. And by doing this you will boost your heart as well as lung health.

Most of the Pilates exercises can be performed at home using a floor mat. But a wide range of special machines are also available in the market that can be used in doing Pilates. Some of the simple equipments needed for Pilates may also include a Pilate ring. It is not at all compulsory to join a fitness center or a gym for performing Pilates. Now-a-days, many Pilates DVDs are available that can be used to learn and do it at home.