Pistachios: Good Source of Vitamin E

Pistachios have great many properties that are beneficial to health. Daily intake of pistachios may keep away many ailments including the deadly ones like cancer, especially lung cancer and cardiovascular diseases.It is not just a saying but it has been actually based on data presented by the American Association for Cancer Research Frontiers and was placed at he Cancer Prevention Research Conference held between December 6 and 9, 2009 and results of researches being carried out in various universities.


Vitamin E has been known to provide some protection against some forms of cancer. Gamma tocopherol is a form of vitamin E and higher intakes of this compound has been seen to be especially good at reducing the chances of lung cancer. This particular compound, gamma tocopherol is found in good amount in pistachios.

Thus adding pistachios to a diet plan actually reduces the risk of lung cancer. Also a diet rich in gamma tocopherol has been found to have the quality of reducing the risk of other forms of cancer like prostrate cancer.

Lung cancer

Pistachios can reduce cholesterol and provide the body with anti-oxidants. It has the capability of lowering the amount of lipids and lipoproteins. So pistachios can contribute directly in eliminating the risk of heart attack. In fact research has shown that this nut actually contributes to decreasing the serum oxidized LDL levels.

Heart attack

Pistachios are also high in luteins and beta carotenes compared to other edible nuts. Lutein is also found in green leafy vegetables and it is a very important component in maintenance of healthy eye as well as maintaining good vision.

Green vegetables

Pistachios may be effective in treatment of stress and anxiety. Pistachios, if taken in certain amount, have been seen to cause relaxation of the arteries. It helps the heart to pump more easily and that in turn reduces the chances of heart failure. In fact,it helps in making the heart beat more regularly and forcefully because it is no longer stressed by high blood pressure. So to reap the full benefits, one should have a long term goal.

Stress and anxiety

Scientific studies showed that having 3 ounces of pistachios everyday reduced the total cholesterol count by 8.4%; LDL or low density lipoprotein by 11.6 percent or non-high density lipoproteins by 11.2percent. The last one is considered a reliable predictor of cardiovascular disease risk.

3 ounces of pistachios