Prevent Body Odor And Stay Fresh All Day

No one likes to be with a stinky person. And no one wants themselves to be stinky as well. But sometimes when you have a long day at work and an important meeting in the evening, the first thing that strikes you is how to tackle your body odor.

Prevent Body Odor

Here Are Some Tips To Prevent Body Odor And Remain Fresh All Day.

Body odor is usually produced from sweat formed in the arm pits. When there is excessive perspiration all over the body in hot tropical climate, the whole body stinks. Whether you like it or not, you have to take bathe daily. If you do not bathe daily, you can be sure that you will stink. During hot weather when you sweat a lot, you should bathe at least twice a day. This helps to prevent bacteria that act on the sweat produced by the body.

Tahe bath

You should use deodorants every day to control body odor. If you sweat excessively, try anti-perspirants to control sweating. Other remedies to control body odor are as follows. Apply apple cider vinegar in the armpits to prevent the smell.

use deodorants

You can also cut lemon into two pieces and add rose water over the lemon to dilute its acidic nature. Rub this cut part of the lemon in armpits. It effectively helps to kill the bacteria present in the armpits that are responsible for producing body odor.

Lemon and rose water

Increase the intake of water and fruit juices. They help to remove toxins from your body and help to reduce body odor. Simple things like not wearing the same clothes on the next day, washing your wore clothes daily with a fragrant soap, washing your bed sheets every week will go a long way to keep you from stinking at your work place. Put one tsp of rosemary water in your bathing water to get a fresh smell every day.

Rosemarry water

You should avoid eating onions, garlic, ginger or other such strong smelling foods. Also avoid fish and red meat. Fish contains choline. If this is not digested properly in stomach, then it can give rise to fishy odor from the body. Include more fruits and green vegetables in your diet. Green vegetables contain chlorophyll which helps to eliminate odor from the body naturally.

fruits and green vegetables