Probiotic Supplements – How They Can Help?

Probiotic are good friendly bacteria or live microorganisms that supports digestion, helps to promote immunity and keeps us healthy by suppressing the growth of harmful bacteria. Probiotics when eaten or taken as a dietary supplement benefits the body.

This friendly bacteria flourishing in our intestine supports our health by boosting the immune system. Probiotics help to combat allergies, infections, exposure to toxins and improves digestive system and gives relief from lactose intolerance.

There are different types of probitics with different kind of bacteria and yeast. Each bacterial strain possess its unique strength and own health benefits.  Probiotic supplements contain multiple strains. Depending on your needs one might be more beneficial for you than the other. Most probiotics can be divided into two categories of bacteria. Bifidobacterium or Lactobacillus.

Probiotic supplements are available in the market, these days, in different forms, size and shape. They can be bought in dried powder form or in the form of capsule or liquid.

Choosing the Right Probiotic Supplement

Frozen and Dried Powder:

If you prefer taking your dose of this friendly bacteria with water, and then supplement available in frozen and powder form will be best option for you. This probiotic supplement has only one strain of good bacteria in it. This type of probiotic supplement is preferred by most people because it goes to the digestive and intestinal tract more easily. This type of probiotic supplement is ideal for kids who are suffering from digestive disorder. Kids can easily consume them as compared to tablets and capsules.


Capsules form of probiotic supplements contains more amounts of healthy bacteria than other forms.They are easy to consume with just a glass of water and the special coating protects the supplement on its way to digestive tract and provides maximum benefit.


Liquid forms of probiotic supplement help in easy absorption. But they can lose their strength within very short period after manufacturing. Liquid form contains expiry date and should be refrigerated all the times.

Consult your doctor before choosing a probiotics to know which one is best for our health.