Protecting Your Health With A Low Cholesterol Diet


Taking care of your health is vital to live a longer and fit life. Exercising is a very good way to maintain sound health. However, with regular exercise, you also need to take care of your eating habits, if you want to live in a healthy way.

Cholesterol Diet

By incorporating a low cholesterol diet, you would be able to keep your heart healthy and attain sound overall health. Cholesterol level is classified into two types viz LDL (low density lipoprotein) and HDL (high density lipoprotein). LDL is bad type cholesterol and HDL is good type cholesterol. With the aid of healthy and nutritious diet, LDL can be reduced and HDL can be raised.

With the help of intake of low-cholesterol diet plan, risk of being affected by heart problems, blood clots, and stroke would be reduced. The energy level would be increased and the life expectancy would be raised.

Oatmeal constitutes soluble fiber and is good for the health. Pears, sprouts, kidney beans and apples are good sources of soluble fiber and should be also incorporated in diet. Cholesterol level would be reduced and sound health of the body would be maintained.

Nuts like walnuts and almonds have good content of poly-unsaturated fat and help in keeping the arteries healthy. Flow of blood would be improved with the help of intake of nuts, thus assisting to improve the overall health.


Chicken and turkey without skin are healthy for the heart and help in lowering down the bad cholesterol level.

Fish contains omega 3 which is highly healthy for the heart. Omega 3 acid is also present in soybean and canola oils. Risk of being affected by heart disorders would be reduced with the help of this vital mineral.

Red meat and junk foods raise the cholesterol level and should be eliminated from the diet program. Low fat dairy products like skimmed milk and yogurt should be consumed and high fat foods like red meat should be avoided.

Besides taking care of your eating habits to remain healthy and maintain optimum cholesterol level, you should follow other health care measures like quitting smoking and drinking, and doing regular exercises, if you want to remain fit, strong and healthy.

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