Raw Food Diet For Asthma


A small portion of asthma patients face asthma attacks, which are triggered via their own diet routine. There are two major ways of treating this disease. The first one, and the most adopted one, is quick relief. This is not advised as, after one stops the medication, the disease starts to erupt again. Another way of treatment, the better way, is the long-term treatment.

Raw food diet for asthma

Through this treatment, thought the patient is liable to carry on taking the medication for a long time, it treats the body to its smallest negativities, thus not only curing the disease but also preventing the same from appearing again.

Raw Foods For Asthma

This relatively new type of diet program, reportedly, helps easing the symptoms of asthma. ‘Reportedly’ because, though the raw food diet program has been given a thumbs-up by many seeders, it has not been scientifically proven. So you may adopt this regime, but do consult with your doctor before starting the program.

Consult your doctor

Know this that, when you start the raw food program, you are to continue this for the rest of your life. Almost ¾ of your diet will consist of fresh (and raw) fruits and vegetables. You will also not be able to make a move towards wine, caffeine or refined sugars. According to some physicians, refraining from eating red meat and butter may be of significant help to asthma patients. Therefore, if you are a raw food freak, this will not concern you.

fresh fruits and vegetables

Those of you, who become raw foodist, should take the proper precautions, so that the asthma is not triggered. You can do this by staying away from foods, and other things, which causes your asthma. Some of the confirmed edibles, which trigger asthma, are wine, dried fruits, shrimps, lemon juice, milk, eggs, peanuts, etc.

Dried fruits, lemon juice

Avoid foods, which are over-spicy, over-acidic, like tomato sauce, chocolates, foods with over inclusion of onions and garlic, etc.

Avoid chocolates and tomato sauce

Antioxidants For Asthma

The point, in a raw food diet, which clicks against the asthma, is antioxidants. When there is a constant and regular dosage of fresh fruits and vegetables, without any spices and added oils, your body is getting loaded with beta-carotenes, Vitamin E and Vitamin C.

Vitain E and C

All of these are antioxidants, and they include various other nutrients, and help in fighting the Asthma condition. Antioxidants, specially, have the power to tend to the broken cells, and reduce the damages in lungs and bronchi. Asthma has been proven to narrow the airways, in our respiratory system. Antioxidants fight his condition too.

Include nutrients

Last words

Now you know why raw food diet is essential, and helpful, in curing Asthma. In addition to the change in diet, also adopt a few preventive measures offered above, to help your situation.

While buying packaged food products from the market, read the ingredients list, and confirm that the allergic food ingredients are not in the list. Also follow these few precautions when dining out, at a restaurant or likewise. Always keep your doctor informed about your situation and consult with him the food you can eat or cannot.

Doctor inform