Reducing High Blood Pressure- The Little Extras That Help Control Hypertension

High blood pressure patients are usually unaware of the fact that they have already become its victim. Most people generally develop high blood pressure without noticing any signs of this condition because high blood pressure has no early signs and symptoms at all! Hence it is rightly referred to as the silent killer disease.

Once you develop high blood pressure, which is also known as hypertension, the only thing you can do is to get it treated and reduce it in order to avoid the associated complications and progression of this condition to the later stage.

Medications prescribed by your doctor for high blood pressure do their job but you too need to put in some extra efforts to help reduce high blood pressure. Some vital things that you can do to control hypertension are given below.

Most people can reduce their blood pressure level by making some minor but vital changes in their daily routine. If you are already on hypertension then also a little extra effort on your part will help minimize the intake of medicines and in some cases, your doctor would even stop your medicines! Few areas that need some changes are: diet, activities, sleep, and emotional health.

Though your doctor would not have told you regarding these little things, they are still efficient in reducing high blood pressure. Deep breathing and other relaxation techniques produce wonderful effect on an individual and his BP reading is also reduced.

Eating oatmeal frequently, and taking calcium and magnesium supplements on a daily basis is also beneficial. Addition of flaxseeds and one clove of garlic to your daily diet are crucial for reducing blood pressure.

One of the best medicines for normalizing blood pressure is movement. So discard your inactive life and become physically active by adopting a good exercise plan. Walking is perhaps the best one to begin with.

Your aim must be to keep yourself active. Increase your oxygen intake by swimming, cycling or jogging. Hypertension get lowered post these exercises and remain at this decreased level for nearly 24 hours.

Some little extra efforts to reduce high blood pressure include losing weight (if you are overweight), eliminating table salt from diet and replacing high fat foods with low fat foods and high fiber foods. And of course do not ignore your doctor’s advice!

If you put in a little extra effort, you can surely control hypertension.