Remedies For Nausea Cure With Its Underlying Causes

Nausea is that feeling that no one ever wants to experience in his life. But it is a very common symptom that everybody has experienced.

The feeling just before vomiting occurs is called nausea. It is a feeling where you know that there is something wrong and that you can vomit anytime. But sometimes it is independent of vomiting. You can feel nausea for the whole day and still there is no vomiting. There are various causes of nausea.

Simple causes are indigestion, stomach upset, cough, overeating. Diseases like gastroenteritis, hepatitis, gall stones, liver infections, appendicitis can also cause nausea.

Viral fever, typhoid fever, meningitis, urinary tract infection can result in nausea and vomiting. Acute pains like that of kidney stone can give rise to nausea. Nausea during early months of pregnancy and some days before menses is also common.

Motion sickness is the cause of nausea and vomiting when you travel in bus or any vehicle. To cure nausea, find the cause of nausea and treat it. To cure nausea due to simple causes like motion sickness, stomach upset, premenstrual syndrome, you can try the following remedies which will give relief.

A simple and effective remedy is to cut the lemon into two halves and suck the lemon juice directly. If you cannot tolerate sour, add a little honey over it and then suck it. You can also make honey and lemon juice and drink that.

Another good remedy is to chew peppermint tablets. Add ginger to water and boil the water to make it half of the original quantity. Then add honey and couple of basil leaves to it. This concoction usually cures nausea within a couple of hours. An effective remedy to cure nausea is carom seeds.

Eat carom seeds with grated dry coconut when you feel nauseated. When nausea is due to upset stomach or indigestion, keep your stomach empty and eat curd. It restores the helpful bacteria of the bowel and cures indigestion to make you feel better.

A very good remedy is to sip hot ginger tea. It cures nausea and makes you feel fresh. Do not ignore pain in chest associated with nausea and sweating. Also nausea after head injury is a serious condition. Both of these require immediate medical attention.