Rosacea Makeup

Rosacea is a skin problem that is seen in many people around the world. It is characterised by redness of the skin. The redness is mainly concentrated on the cheeks and nose area of the facial region.

The skin becomes very sensitive and starts peeling. The face looks unattractive due to the blemishes and red spots that occur due to rosacea. Makeup plays an important role in dealing with rosacea. It helps to camouflage the blotchy skin and even out the skin tone.

Before beginning makeup it is important to wash the face with a mild cleanser that is specially formulated for rosacea. Be careful not to apply force or rub harshly while cleaning the face otherwise it will worsen the skin condition.

Exercise caution while choosing makeup products. Use only oil free products that are non-comedogenic and do not contain any fragrance.

Look carefully at the labels on the products and discard cosmetic products that have eucalyptus oil, alcohol, witch hazel and clove. These ingredients help to aggravate rosacea and therefore should be avoided.

Waterproof makeup should be strictly avoided as they are difficult to remove and require the use of cleansers which have chemicals in them. Hence it is not suitable for the irritated skin.

Mineral makeup
is a good option as such products are made from natural minerals and do not contain any harsh chemical. The main aim of rosacea makeup is to hide the redness of the skin.

Therefore a concealer in green shade works best for this type of skin. The green colour covers the redness effectively. Some concealer has to be taken and applied on the affected parts of the skin.

An oil free foundation has to be chosen matching the natural skin tone. This foundation should be applied on the face with a brush and blended properly to achieve an uniform skin tone. Little mineral powder can be applied to control shine.

One can easily avoid blushers
as the cheeks do not need much colour. When applying eye makeup use products that have been tested for allergy and are gentle for the skin. Use eye shadows in light shades as they do not contain harsh pigments like those found in dark colours.

Use light or natural shades of lipsticks only. Avoid darker shades especially from the red family.