Seaweed Wraps: A Great Way To Nourish Your Skin


Seaweed wraps are one of the most preferred treatments at spas throughout US. Not only these wraps help in providing the necessary moisture to skin, they also improve the skin’s elasticity, detox our body, reduce stress and smooth skin’s texture. Seaweed wraps are an effective treatment for stretch marks and body dryness. Seaweeds are quite rich in vitamins and minerals and they apply osmosis to draw out any excess fluid from cells. The process helps in speeding metabolism and also breaking down fat cells causing the body to tone.

There are several benefits of Seaweed wraps like nourishing skin, replenishing its elasticity and making it supple and smooth. But Seaweed wraps treatment in spas come at a price and not everyone can easily make it to a good spa.

But if you have decided to pamper yourself with seaweeds, you can turn your own bathroom into a spa and draw out impurities and toxins from body, at the same time reducing appearance of cellulite. All that’s required is around 1/4 cup of dried and powdered seaweeds, shower curtain or a plastic wrap and water to make a thick paste.

You can start by mixing powdered seaweeds and water in a bowl. Make sure that the paste you form is thick enough to stay all over the body. Once you have prepared the paste, spread it all over your body including the back.

Now lay a clean piece of plastic or plastic wrap in the bath tub and lay down over it. You can also use a shower curtain if you do not have a plastic wrap. Now wrap the plastic around yourself as much as you can. The idea is to create enough warmth so that minerals and vitamins can seep through your skin.

Throughout the treatment, it is important that you relax and stay calm. It will take more than 30 minutes for the whole pack to get dried. After the mud has dried, rinse it off with warm water and pat dry with a towel.Remember to follow-up with a moisturizer.

It is recommended that you have at least two to three glasses of water before you apply this body wrap. This will help in detoxification of body and proper cleansing of skin.