Sex Vitamins


Many people lose interest in sex due to many reasons. If you are one of them, you can enhance your sex drive by taking some vitamins. Given below are some sex vitamins good to boost your sex drive.

sex vitamins

Vitamin A is a vital vitamin to boost your sex drive. It helps a lot in production of important male hormones including testosterone hormone. Due to reduced level of testosterone you would face various sex problems such as erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, lack of interest in sex etc. This vitamin not only increases sex drive of men but boosts sex drive in women too.

In some cases some important hormones remain present in your system but they don’t take part effectively in your sexual activities due to lack of some vitamins. But Vitamin A triggers such hormones which act as sex boosters. Vegetarians should eat green leafy vegetables and non vegetarians can obtain Vitamin A by eating meat.

vitamin A

Vitamin E is good for men as well for women to get back their sex drive. Some women suffer from lubrication problem and dryness problem. If you have such problems you need to use Vitamin E oil. This will improve your lubrication.

Vitamin E

Vitamin C converts other chemicals into testosterone hormone which is very good to boost sex drive in male and to give you full erection. Due to Vitamin C you get healthy sperm and your sperm count increases.

Vitamin D is also effective in enhancing sex drive. If you have thyroid problems you may face sex related problems because thyroid play vital role in balancing sex hormones. But Vitamin D is very beneficial in thyroid disorders.  Apart from eggs, fish and green vegetables, sunlight is one of the best sources to obtain Vitamin D.

Vitamin D

Vitamin B is equally essential if you want to boost your sex drive. A hormone named prolactin reduces your sex desire but Vitamin B obstructs the production of this hormone. Due to this vitamin, your level of testosterone level (if you are male) also becomes normal. This vitamin carries more blood to your penis and you achieve the required erection.

Vitamin B (niacin) is also beneficial for female because this vitamin helps histamine to get secreted. This helps in orgasm. If your vagina remains dry, increase the intake of Vitamin B. Your internal part will also get lubricated due to this vitamin.

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