Simple Exercises To Relief You Of Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is a malfunction which occurs in the joints. It occurs a s a result of trauma or injury to the joint, by any infection to it or due to old age. There are different forms of arthritis which affects the joints and makes them swelling or in some cases deform.

Joint pain however is the most common symptom of arthritis. As such, these simple exercises will help you get rid of that pain and arthritis in time.

During arthritis joints pain, exercising is the best option to keep pain at bay. People who exercise regularly refrain from arthritis and any sort of joint malfunction. Exercises reduce pain and also keep the bones healthy and strong as a result of which pain subsidizes. However, all the exercises are not recommended for arthritis patients. There are certain simple light exercises which are meant for people with arthritis. Stretching exercises are the best and simplest exercise to be done or patients of arthritis.

Stretching your muscle and joints for few seconds and repeating them for couple of times reduces the pain and improves the flexibility and strength of the joints. Exercises including weights and resistance can also be done to relieve arthritis pain. Holding and binding weights on the joints and stretching them can strengthen the muscle. Cardiovascular exercises or aerobic exercises improve fitness and well being of the bones. Activities like walking, swimming and cycling helps in developing the bone and muscle fitness thereby removing stiffness and the pain of arthritis.

However, people with arthritis should consult their doctor as to how they can start their exercise program. They are recommended easy, light and aerobics exercises. The patient can also consult a physical therapist that can show the method of carrying out these exercises. In case of joint swelling due to exercises, if any, the exercises can be lightened to give time for the body to get accustomed to the exercises.

Apart from these, hydrotherapy (exercising in a large pool) also helps in reducing pain as water relieves a certain amount of pain from the joints. Acupuncture and relaxation therapy also helps a lot in removing pain of arthritis in due course.