Simple Methods to Avoid Acne

Though emergence of acne is not considered dangerous yet the marks left after an acne breakout can be stress full. Condition of acne development involves the oil glands present beneath the skin. The pores present on the skin are connected with the help of follicles to these oil glands which release the sebum used to transport the dead cells through the follicles to the skin surface. A condition when these hair follicles get blocked result in to the development of acne or pimples.

Simple methods of cleanliness along with few precautions can help to keep the problem of acne at a distance.

To start with, do remember to wash your face twice a day with warm water and a gentle face wash especially formulated for acne prone skin. But do not over do the washing up as it will remove the natural oils from the skin.

Do not touch the pimples with your hands as it can lead to passage germs and dust to the pimples thereby making the conditions more severe.

Refrain yourself from bursting these pustules as it will only increase the amount of blockage and worsen the acne condition by increasing the redness and swelling in the region.

Wash your hands regularly to keep them clean especially whenever you need to touch your face like for application of makeup or creams and lotions.

Always use makeup that is made for acne prone skin. This kind of makeup does not have any oil as base and hence no clogging of pores is there.

Always keep your hair clean and tie them in a bun or knot in order to keep it away from the face Greasy hair tends to accumulate greater amount of dirt particles and when your hair locks touches the facial skin, the unclean hairs  touches the facial skin and can cause the eruption of acne.

People who wear specs should clean the glasses as they also touches the skin and the dust or dirt present on them can aggravate the problem associated with acne.

People who are having regular outbreaks of acne should avoid the sun as much as possible as the skin tends to secrete more sebum after coming in contact with sun rays. You can also use sun protection like wide brimmed hats, shades and umbrellas to protect from the sun rays.