How To Lose Weight With Hypothyroidism


Hypothyroidism and weight gain are directly related. People with hypothyroid problems experience several symptoms of this disease and one main symptom is weight gain. And for these people suffering from hypothyroidism, it becomes hard and often complicated to lose their weight.


The main reason behind the difficulty in losing weight is that hypothyroidism is a disease that slows down the body’s metabolism. And we know that in order to lose weight the metabolism has to be increased. But since the thyroid does not function properly, the metabolic rate in hypothyroid patients becomes low and hence the ability to burn fat and lose weight is greatly hampered.

Another contributing factor towards unwanted weight gain by the hypothyroidism patients is the fluid retention caused by production of insufficient thyroid hormones. Hypothyroidism also exhibits symptoms like fatigue and lethargy, which results in decreased physical activity. This ultimately aids in weight gain by the hypothyroid patient.

regular exercise

But hypothyroidism patients should not lose hope. You can lose weight with proper guidance and treatment. Given below are simple steps to lose weight with hypothyroidism.

Crash dieting is not at all recommended to the hypothyroid patients for losing weight. This is because with excessive dieting, your metabolic rate will decrease further, which may be harmful. You will need to follow a weight loss regime that constitutes treatment for hypothyroidism, well balanced diet and exercise.

healthy diet

The first simple step to lose weight with hypothyroidism is to make your diet healthy and well balanced. There are many healthy foods that have the capability to boost metabolism to a great extent. Try to include some of these metabolism boosting foods in your daily diet and encourage weight loss. Examples of foods that increase your metabolism are: broccoli, apples, water, hot peppers, oatmeal, green tea, etc.

You may also take a nutritional supplement if you lack in nutrition. Large meals should be avoided and small meals at regular interval must be taken to promote weight loss.

Nutritional supplements