Six Essential Factors Necessary For Healthy Hair Growth


Do you wish to grow your hair in a healthy and strong manner? Here are six factors that you should definitely consider for healthy hair growth.


Do not allow the hair to get dry. Dry hair are weak and tend to break easily. Ensure to retain the natural moisture in the hair by washing the hair only twice or thrice in a week, instead of washing it on daily basis. Daily hair washing strips off natural moisture from the scalp, thus resulting in dry and rough hair. Also, hair growth procedure is inhibited as a result.

Hot oil scalp treatment plays wonders in encouraging hair growth. It is recommended to massage the scalp with olive oil every alternate day or at least two times within a week, so as to feed the hair with appropriate nourishment to promote hair growth. The hair follicles would attain suitable nourishment with the support of regular scalp massage, thus permitting healthy and strong hair growth.

Scalp massage

Biotin is one of the crucial minerals for the hair. You ought to include biotin enriched foods in your diet, so that the hair attains adequate nutrition for proper growth. Fish, soybean and nuts are good sources of biotin and should be incorporated as crucial foods in your diet.

The color and shine of the hair can be maintained in a natural way by including vitamin B enriched foods in your diet. Taking vitamin B complex supplement in your regular routine would be of immense help in maintaining naturally shiny and healthy hair.

Protein diet

Drink lots of water. The importance of water in healthy hair growth should not be neglected. Water is one of the most crucial elements to maintain the hydration level of hair, thus playing a pivotal role in the process of healthy and great hair growth.

consume water

Use of hair styling tools like blow dryer, curling iron, hot rollers, flat iron, and straightening rod restricts hair growth and results in hair fall. You must keep in mind that excessive heat is very harmful for the hair. So, it is suggested to avoid the use of such equipments on the hair. Also, hair coloring and hair perming should be avoided, as these hair treatments involve the usage of chemicals on the hair, which may spoil the health of the hair, thus causing hair loss and restricting hair growth.

heat treatment