Skin Care For Glowing And Radiant Skin

Skin being the largest organ in the body requires nourishment and care to keep it radiant and glowing. It is excessively sensitive to internal and external changes which are reflected clearly on the skin.

Regular skin care is a simple ritual which can give effective results and make your skin radiant and attractive.

The foremost step to have glowing skin is to practice a daily cleansing routine. Use a mild cleanser to wash your skin daily and remove the impurities, dirt and makeup from the skin.

You can use cleansers with gentle foams or crèmes or milk which suit your skin type. Regular cleansing removes the coagulated dust and prevents clogging of pores in the skin. Cleansers with high chemical content should be avoided to prevent skin damage.

The next step involves using a toner or astringent for removal of residual impurities from the skin. Toners are beneficial for promoting blood circulation and getting rid of oily and uneven skin texture. Toners with essential oils are extremely effective. If your skin is vulnerable to cosmetic toners, you can also opt for rosewater for toning your skin. For normal to dry skin types, spring water can be used as a base.

To keep your skin replenished and soft, apply a moisturizer generously. Pick a moisturizer that consists of natural oils along with essential fatty acids for effective results. Such ingredients are more effectual than petroleum derivates. When going out in sun, choose a moisturizer with a minimum of SPF 15 to avoid skin damage from sun. Or else apply a sun block to prevent tanning of skin.

Before going to bed, practice a regular ritual of applying night crème. Night crèams repair the damage caused to the skin during daytime and restores the texture of the skin. Products with collagen, Vitamin A, C and E are advised.

Another essential step to ensure healthy skin is to include nutritious substances in your diet. A healthy and balanced diet maintains the tone and texture of the skin. Foods rich in omega 3 and antioxidant result in glowing skin.

These natural remedies are effective in keeping your skin radiant and glowing and make you look stunning.