Skin Care in Winter

Winter provides relief from heat, humidity and sweat. But the dry air can make your skin go haywire. The heaters, blowers and heavy clothing coupled with long and hotter shower could make your skin dry and itchy. So it is during winter that people must give extra care to their skin. Skin care doesn’t mean just facial skin. Whole body skin gets dry and rough during winter. People with natural dry skin are more vulnerable as their skin is less effective at providing a barrier against infection and can split and bleed.

The first step in skincare is take bath in lukewarm water. Limit showers to 10-15 minutes.  Each time you wash your skin, much of the oil is stripped away.This makes the skin dry and patchy. Use mild soaps or shower gels.Always apply moisturiser immediately after taking bath when the skin is damp.

This will help lock the moisture into the skin, preventing it from drying. While massaging the face, mind that you are using an upward circular motion.

If your skin is oily, do not massage too much as facial massage stimulates the glands to produce more. Be careful while you apply creams under the eye, as the skin is very delicate. Do not put eye cream on your upper eye lids before seeping, or you will wake up with puffy eyes.

Apply petroleum jelly liberally at places like heels, knees and elbows. After washing clothes and taking bath, dab hand and nail cream on to your hands, as contact with water could make the skin dry. Avoid products containing drying agents like glycerin, clay and alcohol.

There are possibilities of dry skin becoming itchy. In that case try aloe vera gel or calamine lotion. Benadryl creams containing anti-histamines could stop itching temporarily.

People usually feel it is not necessary to wear sun protection cream during winter.  But the fact is that in winter sun is closer to the earth and its rays are stronger. So always wear sun screen lotion of at least  SPF 15. Do protect your lips also using a lip balm with an SPF to protect them from chapping.