Skin Care With Clay Mask

Everyday dirt and contaminants collect on our skin. Washing the facial and body skin with soap and water might remove the superficial dirt, but this standard skin cleansing method is not enough for removing the dead skin and grime that have accumulated in the pores of the skin.For centuries, clay is used as a skin cleanser.

Clay mask

Besides facilitating exfoliation, cosmetic clays could stimulate blood circulation. Minerals present in cosmetic clay nourish the skin and heal minor skin problems. Frequent use of clay masks improves the overall quality of your skin.

White Clay

Kaolin or white clay is the most widely used cosmetic clay. It is an important ingredient in several creams, lotions, soaps and powders. It is even added to bath salts and used as a skin scrubber. Kaolin could be used by any person, regardless of the skin type.

Kaolin or white clay

People with sensitive skin, who must choose skin care products with caution to avoid adverse side effects, could safely use white clay for removing the debris from their skin pores. This clay is also suitable for dry and aging skin.

People with dry skin could combine kaolin with a suitable moisturizing agent such as honey, yogurt or mashed banana to make a face mask. White clay mask helps to tighten the aging skin.

honey, yogurt or mashed banana

Red Clay

If you feel that white clay is making your skin excessively dry, you can replace it with rose clay, a mild form of kaolin. Red clay is noted for its medicinal properties. It is recommended for treating dermatitis.

Red clay

Green Clay

French green clay, or simply green clay, is best suited for oily skin. It draws the excess oil from the skin and tightens the pores of the skin. This is often used in body wraps.

Green clay

Yellow Clay

Yellow clay is suitable for all types of skins. This mild clay does not make the skin excessively dry.

Yellow clay

Fuller’s Earth Clay

Skin pigmentation and blemishes could be lightened with a face mask made with Fuller’s Earth Clay. This cosmetic clay is best suited for oily skin. It could reduce the risk of acne flare-ups by removing the excess oil from the skin.

Fuller’s Earth clay