How to Care Skin With Green Gram


Do you want a way to keep your skin beautiful, soft, and, wrinkle free? Do you find beauty soaps don’t give you a clear, peachy complexion? You don’t need to think there is no reliable way to preserve your skin, because you can try Green gram to improve the quality of your skin with.

Care Skin

Green gram, the most wholesome among pulses, can be used as an excellent mean for theskin care. It is a brilliant detergent that can be used as a substitute for soap. Application of Green Gram powder on your body while bathing preserves your skin in a healthy way. It removes the dirt fully without causing any kind of skin irritations, which sometimes happens when you use beauty soaps. It can also be used for the face bleaches and other facial methods.

Since the Green gram powder removes only excess oil from the skin, leaving the medicinal property intact, you can use it after applying any medicinal oil. Usually, it is used to remove the oil after an Ayurvedic Massage in Ayurvedic Hospitals.

Green gram powder

Carbohydrates are the vital organic compounds for a healthy skin. As skin is the biggest organ of a human body, it needs plenty of Carbohydrates to preserve itself. Green gram contains 56 per cent of Carbohydrates which would make your skin healthier.

The proportion of Protein, another crucial biochemical compounds for a healthy skin, in Green gram powder is 24 per cent.  Since your skin cells are replaced every 24 days, you need to have enough protein to build new healthy skin cells. Protein preserves collagen, the glue that holds your skin cells together, in your skin. It also protects elastin, which gives your skin the elasticity. In fact, one tenth of the protein in your body is required for skin.

10 per cent of Moisture and 4 per cent minerals contained in Green gram make your skin more attractive. So, undoubtedly, usage of Green gram powder, instead of soap, will make your skin more smooth and healthy. Green gram powder is also used for washing  hair to lengthen it and to prevent the dandruff.

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