Sources Of Vitamin A

Everyone knows the benefit of Vitamin A. Vitamin A helps the body in performing different functions. But not everyone knows how to avail the benefits of vitamin A. This is because people do not know which foods to eat. Don’t you want to know which food are good sources of vitamin A? Read further to know the sources of vitamin A.

Vitamin A is widely distributed in foods of plant and animal origin. So deficiency of vitamin is rare in those who eat a balanced diet. But it is seen in people who eat the same kind of food every day and those who eat processed food and junk food.

To avoid deficiency diseases caused by vitamin A, you should eat a lot of the following foods. You can take vitamin A supplements to meet your daily requirement. But intake of vitamin A through foods is considered lot more beneficial as they contain various other important nutrients as well.

Vitamin A is found in great quantities in green leafy vegetables like spinach and amaranth. These vegetables are found in great abundance in nature throughout the years. You should choose those green leafy vegetables which are dark green in colour.

This is because it is found that the darker the green leaves, the higher its carotene content. Vitamin A also occurs in green and yellow fruits and vegetables. Vegetables like carrots, tomato, cucumber contain good amounts of vitamin A. Fruits such as papaya, ripe mango, oranges, pumpkin, peach etc are rich sources of vitamin A.

Some foods are fortified with vitamin A. Foods like margarine, milk and infants food contain fortified vitamin A. Animal foods like liver, fish liver oil, fish, butter, cheese, egg, milk also contain vitamin A.

Including all these foods in your diet in proper quantity can help you with many symptoms like defective vision, dry, and dull skin. It helps to build your immunity levels. Infections due to bacteria and viruses do not affect you.

Vitamin A foods should be especially given to children suffering from measles or diarrhoea. Lot of vitamin A is lost from human body during the infection of measles and diarrhoea. So eat vitamin A rich foods and keep yourself healthy.