Steps For Fissure Treatment

If you are diagnosed with fissure, then you must be having a general idea of what fissure is. Fissure can occur in many sites. But anus is the most common site of fissure. The symptoms of fissure in anus cause of lot of trouble to the sufferer. Here are some easy ways to cure fissure in anus and to prevent it in future.


The most common cause of fissure is chronic constipation. Hard stools injure the internal mucous membrane lining the anus while passing through anus. That is how a fissure is formed or an already formed fissure is deepened. Hence an important thing to remember is to avoid constipation at all cost.

Chronic constipation


If you already have a fissure, you should never strain at stools. This may cause strain on the susceptible anal skin which may tear. If you face constipation, you should take laxatives or stool softeners which make the stool soft. This would prevent the fissure from getting deepened.

stool softner

Remember to include foods containing high amounts of fibre in it. Foods like green leafy vegetables, salads, fruits like melons, papaya, mango, should be a part of your everyday meal. Fibre provides roughage to your diet. It increases the motility of the intestines and adds bulk to the food eaten.

Fibre foods

All these functions help to prevent constipation. Also you have to avoid foods that cause constipation. Tea, coffee, biscuits, bread, spicy foods should be avoided as they cause constipation.

Avoid tea and coffee

Remember that acute fissure will turn into a chronic one if you do not let the fissure to heal. Repeated injury to anal mucosa due to constipation will lead to formation of a deep ulcer. Every day in the morning while taking bath, sit in a tub of lukewarm water. This will help to provide great relief from the pain of fissure. You have to take painkillers if the pain is intolerable.

Take bath

Some medicines in homoeopathy help to cure these fissures. Those having fissures with oozing of foul discharge and pain remaining for hours after passing stools should take nitric acidum 30 three times a day. Fissures due to severe constipation require graphites 30 homoeopathic medicine thrice daily. Daily yoga postures for stomach problems will benefit a lot to prevent constipation.

Graphites 30