Sweet Honey’s Promising Health Benefits


As soon as the word honey appears anywhere, it takes you back to your childhood days when grandma used to make excellent sandwiches with honey smeared in almost everything she made. Honey is a sweet food material made by harnessing nectars from the flower. This job of utilizing nectar has been taken by bees that are known for their hard work and diligence.


The scientific name of honey consumed by humans is genus apis. People have resorted to beekeeping practices as their mode of earning livelihood thus aiding in the production of honey. Honey plays a major role in the food industry as it is used in many food products as a sweetener, flavoring agent, for medicinal value etc.

Honey comes in different flavors and the degree of flavor depends upon the source of nectar. History of honey goes long back in ancient times and till date its utility has not been outdated. It’s used in healing ailments, skincare and for religious purposes etc.

Honey does not need artificial preserving agents for its long term storage. This is a unique property of honey which adds to its reliability and popularity. Due to its chemical composition honey can be stored for a long time without any fear of decomposition or any kind of decay.

Health benefits of honey

The health benefits of honey are plenty, ranging from providing you the energy in the form of carbohydrates. Honey is also said to have controlling effect on blood sugar levels, athletes on eating honey can gain long time strength and energy rather than switching to energy bars.

Honey has been proven to have magical properties which can relieve you of tiredness, lethargies or exhaustion.You can even use it as a substitute of sugar as it carries with itself medicinal health benefits so you need not worry about honey for that matter.

Give your child a hot cup of milk diluted with honey; I am sure he would not find excuses of escaping this delicious drink. After tasting milk with honey in it as a replacement for sugar your child will not be able to resist its taste and your child’s health will be taken care of.

milk with honey

Health benefit of honey

Honey has anti- carcinogenic properties, which can fight cancer causing tissues effectively and can even stop its further growth. When you overdo with that booze and you get up the next morning with head pangs, honey comes to your rescue saving you from those much feared hangovers.

If a bad throat is a source of constant agitation in your life and you’re sick of trying all the giddy cough syrups then give a try to honey. Throat infection is mainly caused due to bacterial attack on your throat resulting into a sore throat.

Honey on the other hand acts as an anti- bacterial agent which fights infection causing micro-organisms hence providing you relief from a bad throat.

bad throat

Wound healing properties of honey

Honey comes with antiseptic properties, which can heal cuts, wounds and burns. With its anti bacterial feature honey eradicates any kind of bacterial formation on the cuts or wound thus accelerates the healing process. Due to this property honey also cures any kind of inflammation, swelling and scarring thus acting as a handy first aid at your disposal.

If getting a sound sleep is a cause of turmoil in your way of getting up relaxed then eating honey will provide you relief and will permanently solve the problem of sleeplessness. Honey is also used in combination with many other ingredients like cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, ghee etc to cure many ailments.


Body care by honey

Honey has beauty enhancing properties which makes it the popular choice among leading beauty products selling brands. Honey has a widespread use in skincare, hair care etc. Honey has the ability to draw moisture from the air, thus it is used as a moisturizing agent in various creams, be it winter creams, summer creams or sunscreens.

Honey is also used for preparing skin masks for giving instant rejuvenation to the skin and honey also has to its credit anti ageing properties which prevents wrinkles to occur and give a healthy glowing skin.

It acts as a natural cleanser, get you rid of the impurities that cause skin damage and make your skin look dull. Due to its cleansing effect it is also effective in removing acne, pimples and all kind of skin blemishes that haunt you in your teens. With anti microbial properties it kills the oil secreting bacteria thus preventing pimples to ruin your day.

Honey for skincare

Benefits of honey

It is also used in shampoos and conditioners to give that glossy look to hair and is a powerful anti frizz agent, a boon for people having unmanageable hair. Many women make use of honey, adding it in henna for providing moisture to the hair and making them straight.

Honey is also used in a special home remedy native to India, in this remedial medicine wax and honey and lemon juice is mixed to form a anti crack foot cream for those, upon which foot creams and medicines have refused to work on.

Although preparing this mixture causes lot of spilling as the contents when mixed with each other cause a volatile reaction to occur but in the end it totally eliminates any kind of foot cracks giving you beautiful feet to walk.


Health benefits of honey

Research conducted on the composition of honey has revealed that it has anti oxidants and it is free from any kind of fat, cholesterol and sodium so it is natural health food and you can anticipate that if you make it a part of your daily diet, you can do away with problems related to ill health. Honey is also beneficial for the digestive system one of the marked benefits of honey.

It has agents which causes fast metabolism of cholesterol and fats which in turn prevents obesity from occurring. Benefits of honey also include using it in place of an artificial sweetener.