Symptoms And Remedies For Heartburn

If you lust over your favorite plate of chilly potatoes or dread eating a spicy dish in parties, then you suffer with the problem of heartburn. Heartburn is a digestive disorder characterized by burning sensation experienced immediately or after few hours of consumption of food.

Generally, the burning sensation starts from the breastbone and travels up to the throat causing discomfort. Faulty diet is responsible for heartburns. It is imperative to attend to this problem otherwise it can also lead to major diseases and illnesses.

Many people fail to recognize the heartburn symptoms. The most common symptom is the burning sensation in the chest. You may also experience sour taste in the mouth. Sometimes, when stomach contents reflex back and reach the back of the throat through the esophagus you may get bitter taste. There may be a feeling of choking or food sticking to the throat. According to experts, chronic coughing is also a symptom of heartburn. Sometimes, you also experience pain in the heart but don’t confuse heartburn with heart attack.

Many people rely on over-the-counter medicines for heartburn. Home remedies are easy and effective in treating heartburns. Switch to healthy and nutritious foods. Eat high fiber diet and include lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. Make a diary and keep a record of foods that trigger heartburn. For heartburn sufferers it is advisable to avoid heavy meals at night. Maintain ideal body weight. Excess weight puts pressure on the abdomen pushing your stomach acid back up to esophagus. Quit smoking as smoking disrupts in the proper functioning of esophagus.

Avoid excess intake of coffee as caffeine is a potent element which aids in heartburns. Switch to deaf coffee instead. Alcoholic drinks like wine and beer can trigger heartburns. Chewing a gum after meal helps in alleviating the symptoms of heartburns. This because the saliva produced helps in neutralizing the stomach acids. Drinking cabbage and potato juice on regular basis decrease your chances of developing heartburn. Aloe vera juice is also beneficial for health. Instead of eating three large meals have four to five small meals during the day.

The problem of heartburn is common among people. Stress and anxiety worsen this problem. Try alternative treatments like yoga, aromatherapy, massage and other relaxation techniques. Maintain a holistic lifestyle, positive approach towards life and keep all the health problems at bay.