Tea Prevents Weight Gain Caused By Fatty Diet

To prevent weight gain, drink tea after consuming fat rich junk foods, suggests a new study. A group of researchers at Japan’s Kobe University has found that tea could suppress weight gain caused by fat intake.

The findings, reported in the recent edition of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, have revealed that regular consumption of tea could prevent harmful changes in the levels of fats that occurred after eating fatty foods. Elevated levels of harmful fats in the blood could increase insulin resistance, which might eventually lead to type 2 diabetes.

In the laboratory trial, the researchers gave a high fat diet to a group of mice and another group was given a normal diet. The two groups were further divided into smaller groups. The smaller groups were given black tea, green tea or water. At the end of the 14-week long trial, researchers found that both black and green tea could effectively suppress fat accumulation in the abdominal area and weight gain associated with a fat rich diet.

In addition, black tea, which is the most popular type of tea worldwide, could prevent harmful changes in the blood that usually occur by consuming a fatty diet. Tea prevented cholesterol and glucose from rising to abnormal heights. Although tea drinkers would appreciate the study, human studies are needed to confirm the findings.

Earlier studies have primarily focused on the fat busting property of green tea. This new study has revealed that black tea could also work as a powerful fat burner. To improve the lipid profile of your blood and to prevent weight gain, you should drink about three to four cups of tea daily.

Besides assisting weight loss, tea is also beneficial for the overall health. Earlier studies have shown that tea is good for the bones. Compared to non-tea drinkers, regular tea drinkers, who drank tea at least for ten years, have better bone density. Tea is a heart friendly beverage. The antioxidant compounds in tea might lower the risk of Parkinson’s disease and cancer.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy a fatty diet occasionally, remember to include three to four cups of black or green tea in your daily diet.