Testicular Cancer Symptoms

Testicular cancer is found in male because only men have testicles and women don’t have that. Testicles are very important organs for your sexual activities and for reproduction.

Many people experience some problems in their testicles due to various reasons such as injury, side effects of drugs, some kind of sexual diseases etc. Some problems are very common and diminish soon but some become major problems in future. One of such problems is testicle cancer. In order to treat testicles cancer on time you need to know testicle cancer symptoms.

Swelling in the testicles is one common and could be major symptom of testicle cancer. The patient may not experience pain in the scrotum. Swelling can be observed in both of the testes or only in one testis with or without pain. If the swelling persists for a longer period you should consult your doctor.

Pain is an important symptom of testicle cancer if it is in your lower back area or groin or lower abdominal region. If the pain remains in those areas for a longer period you must seek medical help.

If you experience heaviness in your scrotum which is persistent it could be a symptom of testicular cancer. In some cases patients also experience shortness of breath. Though shortness of breath could develop due to other health problems also, it is an important sign of testicle cancer. If you experience shortness of breath regularly you not take it lightly.

You can also experience chest pain in case of testicular cancer. Many people misunderstand chest pain due to acidity or other simple reasons. You can experience chest pain in heart problems as well as if you have developed testicular cancer. Seek immediate medical help and go through various tests if you experience chest pain.

Persistent coughing is also one major sign of testicular cancer. You should not misunderstand it as cold and flu symptom. If you feel deprived of energy most of the times it could be symptom of testicular cancer. Some other symptoms of testicular cancer are fever, headaches, dementia etc. If you sweat heavily for no obvious cause it could be a sign of testicular cancer.

You don’t have to panic if you are diagnosed with testicular cancer. It is a type of cancer which is curable in most of the cases so take proper treatment without getting panicked.