The Best 5 Natural Aphrodisiacs


Aphrodisiacs are substances which act as enhancers of sexual desire. Named aptly after the Greek Goddess of sexuality and love, Aphrodite, the quest for Aphrodisiacs has driven human kind from time immemorial and many have spent ages looking for the perfect libido enhancer.

Natural Aphrodisiacs

History is rife with fables and fascinating stories of mythical journeys commenced with this very intent in mind. If folklore is to be believed, there are numerous substances which have acted as aphrodisiacs and made even kings and monarchs bow down before them. But modern science does not authenticate the power of any aphrodisiac and believes the alleged reputation for increasing sexual desire is merely a blind belief then fact.

History and science aside, there is still a belief prevalent even in the modern day; about certain substances having a potentially beneficial effect on the sexual libido; when applied or ingested. However, not all of these have received medical authentication; but that does not seem to deter people from trying out their abilities. Read on to find out more about these supposedly miraculous natural sex boosters.


This wondrous shoots have always been known for its multiple benefits but it is also purported to have the ability to increase libido in both men and women. In fact a 17th century herbalist even commented on its abilities as an aphrodisiac by stating that asparagus “stirs up lust in man and woman”. It is also supposed to have been a famous food during the 19th century in France, where bridegrooms were fed asparagus before their nuptials to stir up their sexual drive.

Although scientifically not proven, asparagus however still continues to be used in many parts of the world as a sex booster and people believe this is mainly due to the presence of folic acid which produces histamine in the body, the substance which gives the boost to both male and female to reach orgasms.



Another fruit rich in folic acid, avocadoes seem to have been banned by Catholic priests in Spain at one point of time. The shape of avocadoes had an uncannily resemblance to that of male testicles, especially when hanging from the trees in pairs. The sight seems to have been too vulgar for the priests who banned the use of avocado in meals.

Modern medicine however, needs more proof than the mere shape of the fruits to give it any glorifying powers and hence has not authenticated the sexual libido increasing power of avocadoes. But medically approved or not, avocadoes are still considered to have the same powers in the modern day as the ones that propelled the Aztecs in the ancient times to name it as “testicle tree”.



Yohimbe is a evergreen tree found mainly in the West African regions of Congo, Cameroon and Nigeria. The bark of this tree contains an alkaloid named Yohimbine which acts as an aphrodisiac and stimulant for low sexual desire. It is currently approved by the FDA as a prescription medicine for the treatment of several sexual diseases in the United States. It is used for the treatment of male impotence and erectile dysfunction. It has been found to be beneficial in increasing the blood flow and relaxing the male sex organ, enabling men to have erection.

It is also supposed to stimulate the sexual parts of the brain to give a sense of sexual desire. Although the popularity of Yohimbe seems to have decreased considerably after the introduction of Viagra, but it still retains its charm in many parts of the world. The usage of Yohimbe, however needs to meet some standards as a large dosage of it can cause several side effects. Over dosage of Yohimbe drugs have been found to lead to elevated heart beat and blood pressure, insomnia, anxiety nausea etc. It has also been found to be reactive to other prescription drugs, hence caution is recommended.



Chocolate still holds a high position in terms of being a sexual stimulant. Ladies consider this mouth watering delicacy to be even better than having an actual orgasm. Chocolate’s aphrodisiac powers have been known to human kind from a long time. The Aztecs are considered to be the first to have found out the powers of the cocoa bean as it is purported that emperors of that reign used to consume the beans in a large quantity to increase their sexual powers.

The modern day belief is based on the fact that chocolate contains compounds which acts as stimulants and releases several chemicals in the brain which leads to sexual desire. However, experts believe that these beliefs are more wishful desire than actual facts as the compounds, though present in chocolate; are too minute in quantity to produce any effect.


Essential Oils:

Aromatic essential oils were considered to have aphrodisiac properties from the time immemorial and queens and harem ladies used to rub it profusely on their bodies to seduce their kings. It was a ritual in the olden days to bathe the ladies in scented water and then apply oil on their bodies before presented to the king. Modern days are also not far behind in using aromatic oils to stimulate the senses.

Rose, Jasmine, Ylang ylang, cedar wood, cinnamon, sandalwood, pine etc are just some of the essential oils which are used to massage on the bodies and arouse the sexual desires in both men and women. Love potions are still prepared by using these oils and are said to bring your loved ones nearer. Magic and lore aside, these oils are supposed to be so powerful because of their ability to stimulate one of the most powerful sexual organs, that of smell. But it is advised to be cautious when using any oil for massaging or consuming as you might be allergic to them.

All these substances are said to be used from the ancient times to aid in gaining sexual satisfaction and for stimulating the sexual senses. However, it is always best not to self-prescribe any herbal or natural remedies as there might be a fear of side effects and negative reactions.

Aromatic oils