6 Best Treatments For Bad Breath

6 Best Treatments For Bad Breath

Bad breath is really very unpleasant and embarrassing. The main factor responsible for bad breath is improper oral health. Proper dental care is very important in order to avoid bad breath problem. The odor usually occurs due to bacteria and decayed food particles in the mouth.

6 Best Treatments For Bad Breath

The basic dental care activity of brushing your teeth properly every day in the morning and in the evening would help in preventing the problem to a great extent. However, it is also important to clean the tongue regularly, so as to eliminate the bacteria that thrive on the tongue.

It can be rightly said here that by getting rid of the bacteria between the teeth and on the tongue, bad breath can be reduced to a great extent. In this article, we shall discuss about some effective treatments for bad breath.

Best Bad Breath Treatments

Clean your Tongue Properly

Cleaning the tongue properly with the help of a tongue cleaner, spoon’s edge, or toothbrush would help in getting rid of the bacteria on the tongue, subsequently reducing bad breath. People making use of any oral device or mouth guard should make it a point to clean it properly before using it in mouth.

Clean your Tongue Properly

Brush your Teeth

Brushing the teeth after every meal is one of the best treatments for bad breath. All the bacteria which cling to the tongue and teeth due to consumption of food would be removed with the help of regular brushing, consequently helping in avoiding bad breath.

Brushing your teeth

Use Mouthwash

Use of mouthwash to get rid of bad breath is also a good idea. However, it only fixes the problem on temporary basis. It does not help in eliminating bad breath permanently, as the source is not tackled. However, this treatment for bad breath can be used in case you want to go out for a romantic date and do not have much time to tackle the problem properly and permanently.


Consume Certain Herbs and Spices

Several herbs and spices are considered to be quite helpful with respect to dealing with bad breath issue. It is recommended to carry with you a bag of fennel, anise seeds, or cloves, and chew them after having food, so as to avoid bad breath.

Fennel Seeds

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Chew Gum

One of the main reasons for bad breath is decreased saliva production. During the night the production of saliva in the mouth reduces, which results in bad breath when you wake up in the morning. Chewing sugarless gum is a good idea to stimulate the production of saliva, thus helping to treat bad breath.

Chewing gum which contains xylitol as the sweetener, is very good treatment for bad breath. Xylitol is a substitute of sugar which helps in promoting saliva production, and reduces the production of bacteria in the mouth, subsequently acting as a very good treatment for bad breath.

Chew gum

Ban a few Beverages

Apart from the above discussed bad breath treatments, it is very important for an individual to stay away from beverages like wine, whiskey, coffee, and beer, as they are the main culprits of promoting bad breath.

Avoid Coffee