7 Therapy For Achilles Tendonitis


Do you know what is achilles tendonitis? Before discussing about the therapy for achilles tendonitis, we shall first look into the meaning of achilles tendonitis. Achilles tendonitis refers to a health condition associated with inflammation and irritation of large tendon at the ankle’s back.

The problem is basically observed in people involved in athletic activities. If the tendon is used in excess, an individual may even feel swelling and pain. The problem occurs due to degenerative and microscopic tears inside the tendon.

7 Therapy For Achilles Tendonitis

The two major causes of achilles tendonitis include lack of flexibility and overpronation. Lack of flexibility in the ankle is a condition in which the ankle becomes stiff, and is not able to perform its functions adequately.

On the other hand, overpronation is a condition associated with abnormal motion of the foot, consequently posing risk of being affected by lower extremity problem. Apart from these two common causes of achilles tendonitis, the problem may also develop because of a change in schedule of training activities and change in footwear. In this write up, we shall discuss about a few effective ways to treat achilles tendonitis.

Treatment Options For Achilles Tendonitis

A few effective treatment options for achilles tendonitis have been discussed as under:


First of all, it is important to allow the tendon to rest, so as to reduce the pain and inflammation in the ankle. An individual should try not to put pressure on the tendon for a few days, so that the problem does not get worse.


Ice Pack

Application of ice pack on the affected area is a very good therapy for achilles tendonitis. The pain in the ankle would subside and an individual would be able to see a reduction in the swelling with the help of regular use of ice packs on the tendon.

Application of ice pack on the affected area

Heel Pads

Wearing heel pads is also a good therapy for achilles tendonitis. The strain on the tendon would be reduced, consequently enabling a speedy recovery.

Wearing heel pads is also a good therapy for achilles tendonitis

Physical Therapy for Achilles Tendonitis

Physical therapy for achilles tendonitis may include laser photo-stimulation, ultra sound and electric stimulation. These therapies are practiced, once the pain, inflammation and swelling in the tendon are reduced to a massive extent.

Physical therapy is good for for achilles tendonitis


There are certain medicines, which are regarded to be of immense help in treating achilles tendonitis. The doctors mostly prescribe anti inflammatory medicines and pain relievers to reduce the inflammation and pain in the tendon. The recovery process would be speeded up with the help of proper medical advice.

However, medicines should be taken only when natural treatments do not deliver effective results. The medicines are not only expensive, but may also have side effects in the long run, as they are enriched with lot of chemicals.

Use anti inflammatory medicines to reduce the pain


At times, injections may also be used, if the pain and inflammation in the tendon are very severe. These injections help in speedy recovery, thus enabling an individual to move his or her foot in a proper manner.



In extreme cases, surgery may be recommended. However, this should be opted as the last resort only.