Three Steps To Lower Your LDL Cholesterol Naturally


Having high cholesterol level is very risky for the heart. An individual suffering from the problem of high cholesterol level is always at the risk of being affected by stroke or heart attack, which may prove to be deadly at times.

The cholesterol

Therefore, it is mandatory to keep the cholesterol level under check, so that an individual can live a healthy and long life. Also, it is recommended to take timely action, so that the problem can be treated as soon as it occurs, in order to avoid serious complications in future.

Cholesterol is classified under two heads, viz good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. The good cholesterol is known as HDL and bad cholesterol is called as LDL. So, while talking about maintaining good level of cholesterol, we should concentrate on reducing the bad cholesterol and raising the good cholesterol level.

Keeping the cholesterol level at a controllable level would certainly assist in keeping an individual away from coronary heart diseases; subsequently assisting in maintenance of sound health.

Before we continue further to discuss about ways to lower your LDL, it is imperative to learn about its causes.

Causes Of Bad Cholesterol

A few factors which result in an increase in cholesterol level are explained here:

Unhealthy Diet

An unhealthy diet is one of the major reasons for a spike in bad cholesterol level. People who eat excessive amount of saturated fats in the form of junk foods and fast foods are at a greater risk of being affected by the problem of high cholesterol, as compared to people who eat healthy and nutritious foods like green vegetables and fresh fruits.

Fast foods and junk foods contain excessive amount of oil, which is very bad for the health. Intake of too much oil content might cause an increase in body weight and a rise in bad LDL.


Lack Of Exercises

An unhealthy lifestyle, which does not consist of regular workouts, is a major cause of bad cholesterol. People, who do not exercise daily for some time, never remain fit and healthy. Due to improper blood circulation which occurs because of unhealthy lifestyle, the heart’s health never remains in good condition.

unhealthy lifestyle

Ways To Reduce Your Cholesterol

In the following section, we are going to throw some light on three most effective ways to lower your LDL:

Eat A Healthy Diet

The best way to reduce bad cholesterol is to take care of the diet plan you follow. It is necessary to leave all kinds of bad eating habits and include nutritious and healthy foods in the diet. Saturated fats should not be a part of the diet plan.

Junk foods and fast food items like pizzas, burgers, French fries etc contain too much fat content, which is very harmful for the overall health. So, such foods ought to be eliminated from the regular diet program.

Unsaturated fats are considered to be good for health and help in maintaining appropriate level of good cholesterol. Oatmeal, oats, and green vegetables are good sources of unsaturated fats.

Therefore, consumption of such foods should be increased in the diet. A healthy heart and a fit body would be attained with the aid of eating these healthy and nutritious foods, which are enriched with all the vital vitamins and minerals like protein, zinc, iron, potassium, calcium etc.

Also, omega 3 acids help in maintaining appropriate heart health. Intake of omega 3 fatty acids is considered to be a very good way of raising the HDL and lowering the LDL. Nuts, fish, and fresh fruits are rich in this essential mineral, and ought to be incorporated in the regular diet plan.

It is not possible for everyone to eat fish on every alternate day to feed the body adequately with this crucial mineral. In such a case, omega 3 supplements are regarded to be quite useful.

healthy food

Exercise Regularly

As a part of maintaining good cholesterol level, doing regular workouts should be a necessary action. It is strongly recommended to exercise daily for at least half an hour, so that proper blood circulation is carried out, and the heart keeps functioning optimally.

Jogging, running, and dancing are very good forms of exercises, which assist in improving blood flow throughout the body. Engaging yourself in a regular workout routine would play a vital role towards lowering down the LDL, thus helping to promote efficient and optimal functioning of the heart.

Also, the health of the immune system would be boosted up, and an individual would notice an increase in the metabolic rate with the aid of practicing regular exercises.

regular exercise

Go For A Regular Walk

Going for a walk daily for half an hour in the morning and in the evening is considered to be a very good way to lower your ldl, and maintain optimum health of the overall body. The metabolism level would be boosted up and an individual would feel highly refreshed as a result of going for daily walks.

Brisk walking is regarded to be a nice remedy for reducing bad cholesterol. Your good cholesterol would be raised and bad cholesterol would be reduced considerably, if you make it a point to include walking as one of the mandatory actions of everyday life.

The three tips, as explained above, would be immensely beneficial in decreasing the bad cholesterol, subsequently enabling an individual to live a healthy life. You would be able to witness great level of improvement in your health in just six months time by implementing the above given natural ways to reduce your cholesterol.

The risk factor with regard to getting a heart attack or stroke would be considerably reduced, and an individual would be able to live longer and healthily. Apart from the above described natural solutions to deal with high cholesterol problem, there are several medicines which are considered to be quite effective.

However, before seeking medical option to deal with the problem, it is always advised to go the natural way as discussed in this article, to avoid future complications. Natural solutions are always safe and do not have side effects.