Tips For Applying Blush

Applying makeup blush to your cheek bone can make you can appear more fresher and prettier but in order to achieve this kind of perfect look the correct application method of blush should be followed.

To start with one has to always find out the shape of the face on which the makeup has to be applied. Once you have applied the foundation and done with your eye makeup you can start applying the blush on the cheekbones.

If you have high or emerged cheekbones concentrate on the center of the face to give them the prominence they need. Women with round face and fair complexion looks good with pink or rose colored blush that too on the outer parts of the face close to the hairline.

Always remember to use a good quality blusher brush for applying makeup blush. If you have selected a powder blush run your brush on the makeup blush to pick some blush followed by dusting off the excess blush so as to take only that amount that is required. You can then apply the strokes as mentioned according to your face in one direction only.

Another way to enhance your look is to apply a dot of cream blush on the apple spots of the cheeks. The application on such area should be with perfect blending so as no patches are visible on the cheeks.

Further to enhance your look you can always use shimmer blush and give a few strokes on the highest point of your cheeks, forehead or bow of the upper lips.

If you have a round face which you want to appear long and slender then the brush strokes for applying the blush should concentrate on sideways V of the cheekbones. You can always enhance the fineness by giving a stroke of blush on the chin as well.

Women with square face can always mitigate the square angles present on the face by dabbing a little bit of blush on the forehead as well as chin and as for applying blush on the cheekbones you should begin the stroke from the areas around the center of the eyes and move towards the cheek bones.

Start applying the blush from the outer corners of eye if you have rectangular face. This will reduce the extended square shape.

Women with a oval face should apply the blush strokes on the prominent areas of the cheekbone and also on the area of the temples.

Always remember to blend the blush after each application so as to get a smooth and finer finish.