Tips for Choosing a Lip Liner

A lip liner is usually used to define the lips i.e. it creates an outline for the lipstick to be filled along with perfecting the shape of the lips and gives a concrete shape to the lips. It can make a protruding lips look smaller as well as give a fuller appearance to a pair of tiny thin lips.

Lip liner

Additionally, it also helps the lipstick to stay longer and even prevent bleeding of a heavily pigmented shade of lipstick from the sides of the lips to skin.

Usage of lip liner is not restricted to lipstick application only and some people also make use of lip liner before applying lip gloss and hence form an essential component for a good lip makeup. So, care should be taken while selecting a lip liner as well as its application.

Lip liner comes in numerous shades but it is advised that you select a color that is just a shade or two above the lipstick to be applied and if you don’t have that go for a neutral shade. You can also use two different colors and merge them to get the appearance you want.

Shade of lipstick

Secondly, always go for an organic lip liner as compared to chemical ones as natural products are not harmful for the skin. Do not even settle for a semi-natural lip liner and for this always keep in mind to read the labels to know about the exact ingredients used. Some people also go for brand name and are generally safe for usage without any chemicals.

organic lip liner

Thirdly the texture of the lip liner is important that is while applying the lip liner it should run smoothly on the outline of your lips and give a smoother appearance.

texture of the lip liner

Lip liners comes in basically two forms .One is the usual pencil form that generally can be handled by anyone ,The other option available is to get a liquid form of lip liners but it is not that convenient to use by everybody and can be quite tricky.These kind of lip liners are generally used by makeup professionals.

liquid form of lip liners

Fifthly, you should check for the lasting time so as to ensure a  that can last for a long time. It is better that you choose a lip liner that doesn’t wash away easily. Presently semi-permanent type of lip liners are available that have enhanced longevity.

good makeup